We tried some of the best 2017 gaming headphones available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Are they worth the money? Lets take a look! Subscribe for more: …

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  • Omar Leon 20 hours ago

    Lucid sound ls30 check them out guys amazing

  • emulate DeM 20 hours ago

    logtiech products are designed to break.. their headsets especially.

  • The Vape Viking 20 hours ago

    still using my turtlebeach xo one. lol

  • Romeo3874 20 hours ago

    Where’s turtle beach?

  • The Collector 20 hours ago

    only problem i have with wireless headsets is the batteries die to quick. i don't mean like they last 5 hours you charge them and another 5 hours (which seems to be a problem with the a50 since i don't see a charge while gaming option) but i mean after a few months of charging depleting charging depleting they die off 100% quickly becomes 80% and that drops down to 50% and then you only have left now and then 20% if it recognizes the batteries at all. i have had this (and seen this happen to other people allot) with almost every wireless headset i have had some do this after few months some after a year but usually by a max of year 2 i am permanently using the charger to get just a little bit more life out of the headset. (for example, now i have this problem with the corsair void got it replaced 3 times in the warranty period and 3 times the battery lasted only 5 months before complete death). and all these are just with the normal 8 hour gaming recharge and another 8 hour gaming session you know the usual thing to expect from a gaming headset

  • Poet-X 20 hours ago

    Dont do top lists when you dont have fucking clue what you are talking about

  • Stalker_03 20 hours ago

    Krakens the best

  • franco kidd 20 hours ago


  • DZi6N Tha 6 GOD 20 hours ago


  • DoC moetch 20 hours ago

    Got the A10 astro good headset

  • BEX XXON 20 hours ago

    Razer man o war 7.1 wireless?

  • Hyena Clan 20 hours ago

    Im getting a new keyboard headset and mousepad… time to finish the ultimate logitech accesories

  • Daniel Gannon 20 hours ago

    i have had my a40's for 4 years and i can't fault them in anything

  • Louie Zhao 20 hours ago

    Game One with GSX1000 amp is what I’d get if I had the money

  • No audiotechnica ath700x, no senheisser hd800s and dozens of other best in the world surround headphones. This leads me to conclusion that you are sponsored influencer or just an idiot… I will assume the second choice, no one would hire the idiot lol

  • Raz David 20 hours ago

    I don’t have an unlimited budget but I bought the Logitech G933 😋

  • budget gamer 20 hours ago

    I use a house of marleys earphones for gaming…. im sooo poor

  • Mike Auger 20 hours ago

    I use my Sennheiser momentums and my Bose QC25 noise cancelling headphones when I game. But I am expecting my massdrop x sennheiser 6xx openbacks in August. I plan on pairing it with a modmic 5 boom mic for quality mic performance.
    Good video, good comments, well done

  • Hollow Galaxy 20 hours ago

    agggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just bought my knew razer pro v2 and the mic doesnt work aggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whyyyyyyy why WHY WWHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS $HIT

  • Jairo Aragão 20 hours ago


  • Zulvan Almindari 20 hours ago

    i had the g633 headset. and i fucking hate it on my ears. scratch like fucking hell and wont sit still on the head at all. just my opinion about it…

  • god dammit no text my headphones are broken i cant hear anything can someone tell me some pro cons on headphones?

  • JustDF 20 hours ago

    I'm looking for a new headset for my PS4. I need something that has a long wireless range maybe 15m or more, no leather ear cups as that makes my ears extremely warm, an on headset game sound & chat sound volume mixer. Any help would be much appreciated. Great channel btw 👍🏻

  • MaiEdits 20 hours ago

    I'am searching for a headset with a good microphone

  • Uimotstaaelig - Norsk Gaming 20 hours ago

    Logitech g933 is best. (Im yousin it)

  • WoutyGaming 20 hours ago

    were is the turtle beach elite pro

  • Criminatix 20 hours ago

    the logitech is garbage.. sure it was good quality for sound and good sound, but the overall design is garbo is falls apart, break easy its plastic.. and the mic is almost usless.. and it falls off ur head soooo easy do not buy

  • l ILLIMINATED l 20 hours ago

    If I was rich A50

  • Unforseen Eye 20 hours ago

    I use the A50 Gen 3 Astros on my PS4. They're super good, but currently I'm getting mine replaced/money back. Just out of no where they're intimitantly cutting in and out which really is beyond annoying when I'm streaming. Due to my audience not being able to hear me properly. Any other suggestions for which headset to get. I need something around the same price (I paid $560 NZD due to living in New Zealand)

  • ArT CLaN 20 hours ago

    i will buy sennheiser cuz this top reviews on amazon

  • Logitech make some beast gadgets…
    Love the g903 and the g910.

  • I don’t like Hoomans 20 hours ago

    Why don’t you include the Astro A40 TR? It’s WAYS better than the A50.

  • ChasinFromBehind 20 hours ago

    why is it so hard for a company to make
    -Great audio quality, allowing you to hear where sound is coming from
    -Comfortable, almost as if you're not wearing it
    -A good mic

  • ARC Spike 20 hours ago

    how does the audio technica ath adg1 and ag1 never make these lists

  • wolvie45 20 hours ago

    Wired is better than wireless. A40 over A50 any day.

  • Tartsitter 20 hours ago

    Wow I have Logitech g933 headphones but I sat on them and it broke I'm fixing them with replacement parts

  • John Doe 20 hours ago

    why the fuck put a bad headset on a top 5 gaming headset list…… listened to review of sennheiser then i just thumbs down and left.

  • Supremeg24 20 hours ago

    How about Turtle Beach !!!!

  • Lucas Steffensen 20 hours ago
  • Emerik Steben-Taillon 20 hours ago

    No Corsair headest? What a shame. 🙁

  • I still pick sennheiser over all these headsets