We had some IGN staff race in VR for the first time. How did they do? See for yourself. For everything VR, check out IGN VR! …

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  • William Williams 2 months ago

    too much power for beginners

  • Pandemic Gaming 2 months ago

    ''I drive a Prius in real life''
    Me if I was the CEO of IGN: You're fired.

  • Jordan 2 months ago


  • Marko Zec 2 months ago

    waited almost 2 min to displey ANY gameplay and then played game barely 2 min and you call this as a first time??? omg this is shorter then some trailers

  • Маргарита Кузьмина 2 months ago

    Really want Game Hacks? Google search "Crustygames 4u". There You Will Find Several Hacks For Games.

  • Traxstaromega 2 months ago

    this was kinda like ready player one, everyone else is crashing or getting eaten by a T-Rex, and then that one guy just calmly destroys them

  • the asian guy probably delivers tofu

  • Brady Congo 2 months ago

    Pro: You know there’s some really nice scenery on this stage.First timer: …i think i just killed somebody…
    Also, that was DiRT Rally, right?

  • Joe Snaffer 2 months ago

    holy crap cisco is a good driver

  • Jessey Bowman 2 months ago

    I wanna see Cisco play through an entire track!

  • Sam Para 2 months ago

    IGN is pure condensed retardation

  • What is the game called???

  • cisco god

  • Mr. DragonPig 2 months ago

    It's depressing seeing how high up they're sitting, and how close their torso's are to the wheel. Nobody sits like that…

  • TotallyNotSam 27 2 months ago

    What wheel set up is that I want to get a vr headset and a wheel setup and I'm thinking the Logitech g920 but I want a handbrake

  • Ben Werli 2 months ago

    bruh i have a g920 with an X3D joystick as a handbrake too lmao

  • Catman 2 months ago

    now I know who the stig's asian cousin was!

  • Jeetbir Lingden 2 months ago

    Car guys + Gamers = TOTAL FUN!

  • YouTube and the internet has turned these guy's into buzz feed beta male's.

  • Low Budget Gaming 2 months ago

    Why does this feel like a Buzzfeed Video ?

  • Cisco vs seb loeb

  • Schwarznigga 2 months ago

    prius? why would someone give money for that shitty toyota badge metalbox piece of wank ?