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  • 16:13 "Megaman can hang up his helmet because we don't need him anymore"
    >MM11 coming out

    16:40 "The name Castlevania…is kinda stupid"
    Hey, Castlevania is a good name. Though admittedly I prefer the JP "Akumajou Dracula", or Demon Castle Dracula.

  • Deadwolf 3 months ago

    I know this video is 5 years old but I use the stopwatch, it's perfect for the damn crows

  • Robert Luke 3 months ago

    I'm a bloodstained fan now 😛

  • Cody Reed 3 months ago

    I’m from the future and mighty number nine got fucked I came back to warn you don’t trust inifune

  • Marcel 3 months ago

    last part made me sad

  • megamarsonic 3 months ago

    I remember this video. When you said that one of the three games was an overlooked gem, the first thing that went through my mind was "Pfft! Not The Adventure!"

  • Olli in the Kitchen 3 months ago

    God, I love Castlevania 2! Everything beginning from the box art to the gameplay was sheer amazing. And I would go far, and without fear of contradiction, had the best soundtrack of the whole Gameboy catalogue. The boss designs were fantastic, the level design great and definitely a game I still would play today. Too bad that Dracula was relentlessly difficult in the end.

  • Commander Von Pussy Hagen 3 months ago

    Also Japs are notorious misogynists so the female vampire hunter comments is hardly shocking.

  • lorddalek 3 months ago

    15:37 "Castlevania will finally conquer the third dimension even if kills the series!" One year later, Lords of Shadow 2 killed the series.

  • U. Reverie 3 months ago

    Some comments:
    1. I unironically like Adventure. It's hard but I've never thought of it as unfair. I felt accomplished when I finally beat it.
    2. I think the main reason Igarashi took Legends out of the timeline was that it contradicted the claim that Trevor was the first Belmont to defeat Dracula. Also he's an egomaniac and declared every post-Symphony game he wasn't involved in non-canon.
    3. Actually, it was never implied that Alucard was the father of Sonia's baby. Lover? Perhaps. But there's no reason to assume Sonia was carrying his child.
    4. Lol Mighty No. 9. There is Bloodstained Ritual of the Night coming out, and it does look fairly good but I'm cautious about being optimistic about it since Igarashi is kind of a tool who is totally fine with letting people think he was the creator of Symphony of the Night (he wasnt, he was assistant director and the game was mainly handled by the already existing Castlevania team)

  • Izzy Nobre 3 months ago

    Oh fuck yeah. I was hoping I’d find Game Boy content up in here

  • PRIMΞ 3 months ago

    The worst is that Castlevania Adventure is my first Castlevania game. Bought in on the 3ds Eshop and im halfway through. Godbless the savestates

  • MYSEGAISBROKEN 3 months ago

    Well I hope bloodstained lives up to the Castlevania name

  • Madison Alice Greco 3 months ago

    Ohhh nooo, hindsight 20/20 on M#9

  • wildcaml jumpout 3 months ago

    The series does NOT have something for everyone. Where’s the Castlevania farming sim? Why can I not yet harvest the souls of man that rise from the tilled soils of final judgement?

  • Ohh its Drizzy 3 months ago

    AVGN meets HVGN, that needs to happen

  • 暗黒騎士 Ankokukishi 3 months ago

    Igarashi is a fucking idiot. He shat all over the series he created so long ago to make a buck with the name Akumajou Dracula.

  • N64Guy 3 months ago


  • Valkian24 3 months ago

    Funny on how the ending of this sums up on how Bloodstained came to be. Almost like it predicted the future!

  • Esteban 3 months ago

    The soundtrack for Belmont's Revenge is so fucking good. Especially that one level.

  • Victoria Hernandez 3 months ago

    🙁 unfortunately only the first adventure is on 3ds to this day

  • Arcader Kid 3 months ago

    but hey i am being honest like you said before….

  • Arcader Kid 3 months ago

    your opinions makes you look like a dumb ass.

    you definitely need to bashing titles that aren't for you in general.

  • And now Lords of Shadow is basically done. I don't care what they say I liked it, no more infuriating stairs to climb. A story you could follow, and power ups that were fun.

  • Silbotronic 3 months ago

    Castlevania went from having a dim future to no future at all, RIP.

  • john moreno 3 months ago

    Cv2 best gameboy cv

  • houstonfob2FOREVER 3 months ago

    1:15 you don't love portrait of ruin? lol

  • Nyarlathotep 3 months ago

    I heavily disagree. Lords of shadow was pretty damn good. not all Castlevania games can be the same old thing over and over. I find Lords of shadow mixes things up. Funny enough though, Mighty No. 9 was a huge failure & a Meh game

  • Johnny Takigero 3 months ago

    "No sub-weapons mean hearts actually fill up your health"

    To anyone here that never played a Castlevania game, what is your reaction to that sentence? I need to know!

  • Jeesaf Oceanleft 3 months ago

    OOOoooh I bet you regret giving Mighty No. 9 the light of day in this review.
    But funnily enough, Castlevania has it's own very very similar kickstarter and hopefully that won't be a straight up debacle.

  • Justus White 3 months ago

    Did you know Adventure and Belmont's Revenge got GBC remakes in Europe?

  • Nickolai Hall 3 months ago

    lords of shadow is good shhh (plus beautiful)

  • Zech Evans 3 months ago

    A time capsule to a period where people thought Mighty Number 9's story was going to have a happy ending…

  • Jesse James 3 months ago

    I honestly love castlevania legends, its my favorite one on the gameboy, I honestly think its because its one of the first games in the franchise that I played, if not THE first. It was my first gameboy game and I love it to pieces.

  • Game Boy2315 3 months ago

    That's not Christopher that's his son