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  • DarkWolfGaming 666 9 hours ago

    Who else saw the key behind the door

  • ImPepperoni 9 hours ago


  • GabbiePost 9 hours ago

    Ew the spider thingy

  • Leilani Santana 9 hours ago

    Granny and slender man are the parents they had a baby named slendrina and then slendrina got married and then had a baby so on the tenth game of slendrina the whole family is in the game

  • Lisa Nett 9 hours ago

    Try playing must kill slender man .

  • Connie Pijogge 9 hours ago

    You're last name is vukanovic

  • Lauren Noblett 9 hours ago


  • Nerique Bhikraj 9 hours ago

    Hint: there is a map that u can use.

  • patrick ku 9 hours ago

    Your mom is a great person
    I just want you to know that I am not going through the way you are and how you are not showing grace

  • White Diamond 9 hours ago

    Thats slenderina’s mom not granny

  • Wilson Malaker 9 hours ago

    use the map

  • Zul Fadli 9 hours ago

    I bwat the game before too i don't know how cause i play from along time ago and it is soo sad at the end (to me tho) i miss it sooooo much i want too play it again😳

  • melodi gonzalez 9 hours ago

    LOL you make me laugh

  • Jamie Beardy 9 hours ago

    it's funny when u get scared 😂 I keep getting scared too

  • Purple Gamer 9 hours ago

    Play slendrina asylum its scary

  • amber kronik 9 hours ago

    Is granny and this game connected?

  • Ninja Bricks 2.0 9 hours ago

    that was not GRANNY GRANNY is the mother of slendrinas mother just check the origin of granny it tells you

  • mohammed ammar 9 hours ago

    There a update in house of slendrina now

  • Jasmine Hay 9 hours ago

    Denis:everything is fine
    Denis two seconds later:AHHHHH!!!!

  • Jasmine Hay 9 hours ago

    Denis:everything is fine
    Denis two seconds later:AHHHHH!!!!

  • Jasmine Hay 9 hours ago

    Play slendrina the asylum!!

  • Sofio Lim 9 hours ago


  • Sofio Lim 9 hours ago

    Data grains bedroom

  • Kimberly Martinez 9 hours ago

    Yea slendrina is the granddaughter because granny had a daughter that married slender man and they had a child which us slendrina

  • Asia Tabassum 9 hours ago

    The girl is not granny it is the mother of slenderina

  • Nurul Zeti 9 hours ago

    So funny

  • Granny Gamer 9 hours ago

    When the the blood on the screen goes away then that means she is gone

  • nafisa sabila 9 hours ago

    If i played with my friend,i will never scared,.

  • Stephany Diaz 9 hours ago

    I think Denis is the grandpa =)

  • dreåming dølån 9 hours ago

    That is Angelene, Granny's daughter, not Granny herself. Slendrina is Granny's granddaughter.

  • Jordyn Grace 9 hours ago

    Denis,You just have to turn for a second and then she’s gone,so u don’t have to look at the corner,because you don’t wanna waste time!!

  • Matt Cook 9 hours ago

    its me slendrena. first nicter v and you next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$

  • Autumn Scalf 9 hours ago

    there was a key behind a door you missed

  • Addison Campbell 9 hours ago

    You get scared pretty easy but I would too if I played that

  • Theresa Clarich 9 hours ago


  • premveer verma 9 hours ago

    The slendirina