Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (PC VGA) – Longplay/ Walkthrough There are multiple paths in the game, this playthrough tries to …

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  • Javier Akinde 1 month ago

    This game gave me sleepless nights it took me 4 years to get through

  • GambitLP 1 month ago

    this game pissed me off. for no reason i couldn't enter that damn plane

  • What happens if you try to take the Grail out of the temple? I can't remember.

  • Nathan Cruz 1 month ago

    1:14:13 kneel! 1:18:15 bad 💡, Elsa!

  • nicolashrv 1 month ago

    The good about this game is it has several walkthroughs……..instead of the zeppelin, you can escape on a car, and use the Mein Kampf autographed by Hitler to avoid having to fight all the guards (usually is close to ultra hard to fight them all cos you have less and less stamina for each other). Also you can out-talk them all…….you can escape on the plane…….I think you also can escape on the zeppelin all the way……Elsa survives……etc.

    So, it has a lot of replay value. Same with Fate of Atlantis.

    Although Monkey Island 2 gives you the option of easy and hard to have different playtrhoughs, the plot never changes. Still, I would say the monkey island saga is way better than the Indy games. It's a shame they stuck only with 2 Indy games (I mean, graphic adventures…..the Tom Raider spinoffs are garbage).

  • Johan Liebert 1 month ago

    this game is so quiet i wish they would add voices and music

  • EmuBench 1 month ago

    Sam & Max on the left at 4:32 another great game of those times..

  • DEATH TUBE 1 month ago

    i acctually refinished indiana jones …

  • Ana Moon 1 month ago

    Good guide. Here's the spanish version. Version en español.

  • Bryan Yurcan 1 month ago

    Who else owned this game as a kid?

  • Timelord2001 1 month ago

    Why thank You! I didn't even think this game existed! What fun to watch! 😃 👍🏻

  • Task514 1 month ago

    Omg! I never finished this game because one of the disc was corrupt and the game crashed after leaving the castle! Thank you for this!

  • KarlBonner1982 1 month ago

    I would love to play this game again. Recent events in the United States REALLY make punching Nazis in the face feel cathartic, and this game is one of the best for doing just that!

  • Baris Wheel 1 month ago

    Thanks for sharing this, played this game age 11-12.

  • Magic Dog 1 month ago

    what an interesting game.

  • Thomson 1 month ago

    Man this game is so hard. Thanks for the guide

  • Gylfi0 1 month ago

    the castle part is an incredible masterpiece of non linearity. The books from the library, the diary stolen to be able to go to Berlin and get the pass signed, which i couldn't cause i gave Vogel the fake book (too bad), all to be able to not to recur to violence with guards.

    wonderful. Punishingly hard, ofc, but wonderful. There wouldn't be a Deus Ex without games like Indy3 (and all Sierra's).

  • Noamias 1 month ago

    I'd love a game exactly like this but with gta v controls and like the walking dead graphics or cs:go graphics. And with Harrison Ford as a voice actor

  • Intoxicated Meta 1 month ago

    As a kid I had no idea you could talk your way through the guards at the end, so we fought 2 of them almost each time and I used one part of keyboard while my friend did the other. Lol

  • Riga Fraction 1 month ago

    I have this game on the c64 but don't have a c64 anymore (obviously), now I can't find it on a rom…. it's all the adventure game of the same name (that sucked)… ah well

  • PhD. Life Apologist 1 month ago

    Please make another video of all of the fails. They're awesome.

  • Rugged Savior 1 month ago

    26:11 I would have crapped my pants as a kid if I saw this.

  • JoeTyler85 1 month ago

    glad to see that the developers had the balls to feature the swastika for flair and ambience; I'll never understand why movies can show it but most games had trouble with it

  • CubanFury 1 month ago

    Did you get copyrighted for music?

  • João Rodrigues 1 month ago

    at least dont have bugs.. like modern games

  • elbert pieters heeft. 1 month ago

    Ik ben in orde?


    no gota dito aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaau

  • Masomenos x 1 month ago

    im so nerd

  • MrVenkman82 1 month ago

    where are the indy developers ? where are the project that will develop next game afte fate of atlantis. I know there are some remake (but is is the same game in better graphic).

  • Aaron Clark 1 month ago

    I don't care that the bad guys are blond Nazis it s that they couldn't care less about the Holy Grail.

  • Birdland 1 1 month ago

    cant make games like this anymore with the Jews in charge

  • Mtl Knr 1 month ago

    Also Rebel Scumm.

  • nicolas aymé 1 month ago

    so cool game, i had problem with piano in the catacombs..

  • East Swiss 1 month ago

    you are not the fastest player lol!

  • Meljov 1 month ago

    I didn't play this game, but I like what I see…