Star Wars Battlefront 2 reviewed by Tom Marks on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Editor’s Note: Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign story was co-written by …

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  • This is our final, updated review of Star Wars Battlefront 2, and takes into consideration the last minute, temporary removal of real-money microtransactions.

  • Galactic Orca 1 day ago

    -7.8 Too many microtransaction

  • d e a t h d r e a m 1 day ago

    I'll buy and play this game happily when it goes down to $10. The single player is worth it to me.

  • Gaming Panda 1 day ago

    I disagree

  • Youtuber's House 1 day ago

    I have just bought this game yesterday and started playing the campaign not understanding the story..but the i like the gameplay tho

  • wrmwud 1 day ago

    I think the first battlefront is much better I hate the star cards in battlefront2 and I miss the survival missions too. and there were way more weapons to choose from too.

  • Phazelight 1 day ago

    We all know what it is. This game was ruined by EA's greed.

  • Blargenfladibblenohip ! 1 day ago

    Just say it….the game is crap.

  • Oh bummer 1 day ago

    hmmmmm….. I'll give it…. A 1.9!😂

  • Dr. Awesome! 1 day ago

    OH MY GOD YOU RATE 2 A 6 which I'm ok with but you RATE 1 A 8 WHAT

  • weirdo games 1 day ago

    Is IT worth 30 euro

  • Hannes Axel 1 day ago

    Wow a whole 6.5 out of ten for easily the shittiest game of 2017 showing reviewers favor the opinion of their employers as opposed to their audiences.

  • Jayden Jernigan 1 day ago

    Me 10 out of 10

  • Feisal K. Irfansyah 1 day ago

    how's the story mode?

  • Levi Ackerman 1 day ago

    If you look past the microtransactions the game is still a shitty game

  • Gijs Maters 1 day ago

    That stuttering is only on PC but that is not a real gaming platform so…

  • GreyWolf1600 1 day ago

    Update this review

  • Gabe 1 day ago

    So is this game worth buying? or nah

  • hugo poyoyo 1 day ago

    Just bought it for 25$ of Kijiji. Loving it so far

  • EmporerAaron 1 day ago

    So far, the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 by Pandemic and Lucas Films is still better then what EA created. A PS2 game, is better then a Xbox one or Pc game that has amazing graphics and potential. That's sad.

  • CrimsonShadow 11 1 day ago

    I bought the game because I love Star wars but I also hate EA, so I don’t know if I made a good purchase or not

  • Willy Dinata 1 day ago

    can it play offline multiplayer?

  • Dana White's double chin 1 day ago

    Did he say 4 hour campaign? You have to be kidding me

  • Sleven 1 day ago

    Big fan of the original games loved the single player campaign the galactic conquest was my personal favourite how ever why can't they just make it like it was in the original games, you no non of this spawning in ships by picking up a token of the floor that's another thing I missed was where you could see a hanger in hoth run in to it and see a bunch of ships and just jump in one an fly off if there was no ship at your base then you just have to fight on foot untill one spawnd back after being destroyed it was all out war and fun.

  • Sarku 1 day ago

    will u guys make a new review with the new progression system?

  • De4thstroke32 1 day ago

    How is it faithful to the source material in multiplayer? can you say cross era heroes?

  • Dragon Flame 1 day ago

    "i only get about 300-400 credits per 15m match"

    Well… i get about 3000-5000 per 10m match. It's because i do good enough to rank up.

  • Ein Mensch 1 day ago

    I feel like the only one who likes it

  • mark davis 1 day ago

    This games was a letdown. So dull with a plot you can see a mile away. There were fun segments but basically monotonous. The flying controls were not the best

  • Tyler Michael Videos 1 day ago

    It’s on sale is it worth it?

  • Hesse Oosting 1 day ago

    I'll admit it, the progression is too complicated.

  • Luisvelosa77 1 day ago

    “You get a boring emote for a class you don’t use”.
    Someone hasn’t played the game properly.

  • Epix Sky 1 day ago


  • SoupremeNoodlez 1 day ago

    6.5??? I’ll give it an 9. I grew up watching Star Wars and watched all the movies, I played the game before and liked it, I’m not really a fan of playing shooting games but this is Star Wars.

  • Spaceman24 1 day ago

    Did the progression system ever get revamped as of the time of this review?

  • Ana Lopez 1 day ago

    24 bucks does it worth ?

  • NukleaR Elite 1 day ago

    Swbf2 is so underrated the multiplayer is so amazing and so addicting

  • h3ll0gudbye 1 day ago

    I'm still deciding if I should at least try this, but I don't want to give ea more money and all reviews seem to be negative. Guess I'll just stick with swtor but I would like another decent star wars game to play.

  • Thomas Deerhorn 1 day ago

    only 11 maps, at out all 3 different movie trilogys sorry cant be bought