June is a BIG month for Nintendo Switch owners, with a TON of Switch games coming to the platform. What are the BEST Nintendo Switch Games for June?

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  • Brandon 9 hours ago

    only if wolf2 was a tps.

  • TiredEyes 9 hours ago

    2 ports I would love to see- Earthworm Jim and Battle Toads!!

  • Alex Bathe 9 hours ago

    The month of June

  • Wicked Games 9 hours ago

    Only game that will make me really excited again for the switch would be kh3 haven’t been playing my switch in so long so sad

  • BIGCease 9 hours ago

    The reason why I didn’t buy crash on my PS4 👍🏼

  • Alex Franco 9 hours ago

    The new mario tennis plays really well and looks pleasing but idk if it's worth 60 bucks

  • ApolloRED 9 hours ago

    Mario,crash, and blazblue

  • Dustin Stanton 9 hours ago

    I already bought Sushi Striker 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ also getting Mario Tennis Aces. The others will have to wait. I did cash in gold coins on SS tho, I also really didn’t want to spend the full 50 but I am excited.

  • Willis Buttson 9 hours ago

    You look like Bam Margera

  • Shibby 9 hours ago

    Ease 8? Couldn't find anything about it.

  • Shibby 9 hours ago

    Thanks for this

  • Alex L. 9 hours ago

    For the love of god GET RID OF THAT INTRO soooo cringy. Good video tho.

  • Triggered_patrick10910 0 9 hours ago

    My wallet is going to be empty….. at least it’s worth it….. I think?

  • Marina Liteyears 9 hours ago

    ugh… a bunch of games that are weaker versions of other consoles…great

  • Fart Squad 9 hours ago

    This guy looks like rob Schneider

  • Tyler Scow 9 hours ago

    Buying crash yet again, already bought the PS4 collection, but will always double dip on the switch

  • Nathan Storer 9 hours ago

    The character movements in the Flashback game you showed seem identical to the character movements from the original Prince of Persia. Am I the only one seeing this?

  • Daniel Mastrobuono 9 hours ago

    Dark Souls Remastered?

  • DevilishFury 9 hours ago

    ur mustache is uneven lmao.. but good vid as always

  • Tom Storm 9 hours ago

    Ys VIII is a MUST PLAY! I've never touched a game in the series prior – but I am loving it on Vita!

  • Please can someone make gingerbread O’Neil a game

  • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil 9 hours ago

    in which month?

  • BlackChinaMan Christ'sSon 9 hours ago

    Check out Sushi Striker’s demo. Also Game Xplain did some great videos on it. Initially I thought the game wasn’t for me. However, after seein Game Xplain’s videos I am starting to change my mind. It is a game that truly must be played to be understood. Anime lovers probably will enjoy the game most. I am an Anime lover. It has a good story and lots of content. So before passing on it, try the demo!

  • Rick Diculous 9 hours ago

    Bewbs! 😂

  • Frank Kosenburger 9 hours ago

    Crash, Wolfenstein 😍

  • Nintendo Sega PlayStation Fan Boy 124 9 hours ago

    i preored crash bandicoot for switch soooooooo yay

  • Pie Crust 9 hours ago

    Sushi strikers is 50 bucks?? Wtf. Hard pass now

  • rob siddall 9 hours ago

    First played return to castle wolfenstien on pc and enjoyed some of the later console versions, glad it hasn't gone the same way as nukem
    happy to see it finally coming to switch and hats off to the developers for porting !!!!!
    Keep the great videos coming RGT85 love your channel