Looking for some fun Nintendo Switch online multiplayer games? There are actually quite a bit off Switch games with online multiplayer that you should check …

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  • Yağız Şahin 2 hours ago

    I want Rainbow Six Siege for Switch omg just a consideration of that gives me goosebumps

  • Aminur Rashid 2 hours ago

    Payday 2 should on smartphone also.. Play online with friends..

  • Joseph Doyen 2 hours ago

    I just bought a Switch today, and I love it!

  • Mike Durant 2 hours ago

    Down voting this video is a no brainer

  • BattleAxeGames 2 hours ago

    Eeeey do you need a some kind of nintendo membership to play online?

  • You need some sleep

  • cash paid 2 hours ago

    Why they don’t have no James Bond games on switch

  • January TM 2 hours ago

    These games have alot of satin symbolism. Not cool man. Flee. #SeekJesus

  • Assad Khalif 2 hours ago

    LMAO why do you keep saying "tor no ment"? its "ter na ment" 😛 lol

  • Mitch Wow 2 hours ago

    Sniper elite pls

  • Tyler Silva 2 hours ago

    I like your energy you have my vote and sub!! Thanks

  • The British Train Channel 2 hours ago

    It really annoys me how you pronounce multiplayer. You say it like multih – player not multeye – player

  • seanbucke 2 hours ago

    I really enjoyed the MUL-THAI-PLAYER aspect….sorry…made me laugh

  • Chris Porter 2 hours ago

    This guy really underselling rocket league. His lack of understanding shines thru

  • Solidus X1 2 hours ago

    Switch online. Hah !

  • foxymods 2 hours ago

    RIP old rocket league intro song 😭

  • Grabakr Fen 2 hours ago

    Nobody plays Fast RMX shouldn't have bought it on release. Should have waited for MK8 or something feelsbadman.

  • bdel80 2 hours ago

    Rocket League is stil on sale

  • Touch of Chaos 2 hours ago

    You looking like princess Leia Bigfoot special edition!

  • Daniel Barker 2 hours ago

    Me likes Dbz Xenoverse 2 online.

  • Brian Preston 2 hours ago

    Also.. dude I got long hair.. but I keep waiting for you to say "Help me ObiWan Kenobi"

  • Brian Preston 2 hours ago

    I own Mario Kart 8. It's not worth $140.
    I deleted Rocket League after getting my first Loot Crate drop.

  • Jonathan Trottier 2 hours ago

    I'm using my Nintendo Switch mostly in the bus. Is it possible to use my phone data for online gaming? If yes, does it use a lot of data?

  • ganggreen1983 2 hours ago

    More retro stuff.

  • timothy luis 2 hours ago

    skyrim online? pls.

  • Superhero Game Squad 2 hours ago

    Disc jam is so hype right now 📣

  • RAX the GREAT 2 hours ago

    Your hair in the thumbnail is great hahaha

  • We Deem! 2 hours ago

    I wasn't paying attention to when rocket league physical copy was coming out and I bought the digital copy but had the physical pre-ordered that I got two weeks later, err!

  • Shawn… another great video man! don’t listen to these clowns! You rock that Princess Vespa stunt double look!

  • RadioShadow 2 hours ago

    Puyo Puyo Tetris. I put 100 hours into that game, and currently 7 in Great Britain. Not to brag or anything! 🙂

  • Paul Jennings 2 hours ago

    I'm kinda hoping you might do a review some day of Payday 2 as it looks really good but I'm sitting on the fence with this one for now.

  • Brooks' Personal Looks 2 hours ago

    I don't play online much, and surprised you didn't say it, but Ultra SFII I have found is fun to pick up and play a few rounds when I get bored.

  • バイオハザードM a r t i n M i l k 2 hours ago

    Anyone wanna play with a good Revelations 2 player? my FC is 0789-5854-0680 and I swear I had ZombieAli in my lobby before.. Hi! ^^

  • Mario Cruz 2 hours ago

    I've played some of the Mario Kart online and it's really smooth. I still hate that the Switch doesn't have a proper way to chat with friends. Not into having to set up Skype on your laptop or phone just to chat with friends when you just have to put on a headset on the PS4 and Xbox.

  • Tgc Kakarot 2 hours ago

    Quake and turok used to be pretty fun

  • ARMS is an amazing game and has great online, it'd get that over half of the games on this list

  • Jiggy fly 2 hours ago

    I don't own a switch, I own a Splatoon 2 machine.

  • trolzilalol 2 hours ago

    Ew 8biteric

  • SHADOWSTRIKE1 2 hours ago

    You gotta remove the stevie richards part from your intro. Few people are going to know who he is. On top of that, the audio levels between your voices and the intro music are far off and is just a strange transition.

  • NinJaZ Creed 2 hours ago

    This guy is so cringy 😂