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  • Henry Cari 12 hours ago

    I was looking for Pokémon tbh

  • KazeRV 12 hours ago

    Why was the font of Butts so thick in Steve Butts? :p

  • High Middle Lo 12 hours ago

    Lion head studios has really strayed away from their roots that really made them a great game company. Black & White 1-2 was something very different from the main stream games. It stayed very Unique and it played very well. The games that Lion head studios are making now aren't to hot. If they were to bring back Black & White series I think theyd do so much better. Will forever by my favorite childhood games <3

  • I Hate Dubstep 12 hours ago

    hey guys, remember when IGN reviewed games and not monetary donations

  • xxCrimsonSpiritxx 12 hours ago

    This game is literally brilliant, I can't stress enough on how much boundaries it pushed being made in 2010!! It is SUCH a shame we won't get to see how much it could have improved if it were to be made in a third sequel on today's technology… Such a sad fate for gamers

  • SpiritOfTheDeath 12 hours ago

    Could anyone tell me how you make this game backwards compatible

  • SpartanUruk 12 hours ago

    I was reminded of this game a few games ago and damn I remember watching my brother play this game when I was a kid and used to love watching it. I was really thinking about buying it and checked on Steam but couldnt find it 🙁 So am actually considering buying the physical copy of the game so am watching this review to see if its as good as I remember.
    I bet once I play it now that the game won't live up to my memory of it, and the graphics are probably horrible now, what I remember loving most was the fact that you could own a creature and grow him up, I thought that was awesome!
    I'll probably buy the game but I think my memory of the game is better than it actually is, oh well nostalgia factor counts.


  • iBolt07 12 hours ago

    Black & White 2 falls too far away from the original Black & White for me to like it. And while it is extremely easy at some points, at others it is extremely hard or next to impossible.

    I liked the open-ended sandbox style of the original, but the sequel adds a little too much and tries too hard to be an Age of Mythology clone.

    First of all, the creature training engine is diminished in the sequel to an arbitrary level, to where there is no challenge in manually training your creature over time. You can just scroll through each behavior and customize it and never mess with it again.

    But at the same time, the RTS aspect of the game is too difficult. I did not find a way to breed my villagers quick enough to 1. Allow a remaining surplus for further disciples after sending a majority into the military, and 2. Fight off already-large offending military.

    The game is trying to be too much at once. The game was its own thing on the original, which is why I much prefer it.

  • Rafael Cabrera 12 hours ago

    its good?

  • Just A Guy 12 hours ago

    They screwed up creature building in B&W 2. I liked it much more in number one, where you could teach your creature miracles, and there was actually a reason to pick one creature over another.

  • Sean Stefanov 12 hours ago

    Lionhead was bought and will never do games now

  • JustlnCase 12 hours ago

    Really, I just loved flinging people around. Best part of the game.

  • Goatman 12 hours ago

    the first game deserves a 12 out of 10

  • WarhammerCrazy100 12 hours ago

    yes a spelling mistake on the internet! the world has gone mad.

  • WarhammerCrazy100 12 hours ago


  • are you 12 years old? turn off your caps, you autistic narrow minded kid

  • XTwittyX 12 hours ago

    thank you !!

  • XTwittyX 12 hours ago

    2:42 please tell me what game is he talking about!! I hear something like "pharrell".. please I really need to know that!!

  • XTwittyX 12 hours ago

    2:46 what is spelled that game? pharel or what.. please tell me, maybe it's the finally game that I will love!

  • hi bye 12 hours ago

    Steve butts LOL

  • Anders Sweep 12 hours ago

    I agree 🙂 But i think the Campaign was Waaaaay to small. :i

  • zac davis 12 hours ago

    i really think u just fucked your dvd/cd drive…

  • Alejandro Apex Fraustro 12 hours ago


  • ريان _ 12 hours ago

    Hint: The pirate bay.

  • halojazz500 12 hours ago

    I wish i could find the game

  • Sanctum Quis 12 hours ago

    Number two for sure! (that is atleast my oppinion).

  • Um Canal Nerd Qualquer 12 hours ago

    Really? Oh well i have to try it then.

  • arvinourian 12 hours ago

    2ND has better graphics..but some people sayy 1st gameplay is better…… but i think the second was better anyhow. get the second

  • arvinourian 12 hours ago


  • Harry66 12 hours ago

    i completely agree!