Top Ten Nintendo 64 Games video feature. Shop CGR shirts & mugs! Top Ten Nintendo 64 …

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  • Grigori Rasputin1990 6 hours ago

    solid list

  • Scott Cramp 6 hours ago

    Zelda on the N64 is still my favourite game of all time

  • Devin Stevens 6 hours ago


  • roger dodger 6 hours ago

    no way youre old enough to have grown up with regular nintendo. Were you even alive when snes dropped?

  • Ryan R. 6 hours ago

    Mario Kart 64 over Tennis?

  • Ross Robertson 6 hours ago

    I think you should've left out majoras mask and put in Mario party, or put majoras mask with ocarina together, my all time fave is Blast Corps

  • Maximillion Roivas 6 hours ago

    I agree 100% about Zelda Ocarina of Time. You just had to be there to understand why it was so special.

    I remember it. I just turned 14 and I rented the game at my local Family Video. Fell in love with the game. A couple months later I made enough money to buy my own copy and my GamePro Jan. 99 issue with the Zelda OoT guide feature. I had the greatest year. Since then, I have beat the game more than a hundred times. I just beat it last week again on my 177th playthrough. And have bought every rereleased versions, from the GameCube collection to Virtual Console to the 3DS.

  • Anthony P 6 hours ago

    Took the words right out of my mouth, especially when talking about Mario 64 and the initial feeling of 3D gameplay. Great video!

  • Amber_sprinkles Lee 6 hours ago

    WWF no mercy,Zelda OOT,MM,Kirby 64,Kirby 64,DK 64

  • Bob by 6 hours ago

    think your missing a Zelda game or two

  • Johan Öberg 6 hours ago

    One of the games on N64 that I love the most is WaveRace 64…

  • Chesco 6 hours ago

    Never played this game, had no idea it was a masterpiece during the 64 era.
    Thank god for emulators!

  • The NoobScorpion 6 hours ago

    Heyyyy, where's (insert game that I like so everyone MUST include in their top x amount best games list, or they suck and are dumb and stupid and always use run -on sentences and stuff)

  • themrhc 6 hours ago

    Great video

  • Roger Muppet 6 hours ago

    Cool, do a top 64 n64 games list next.

  • Jajavahn Vahn 6 hours ago

    I have a lot of memories with N64 and it's one of the consoles that I will never regret playing even though it wasn't as successful as the other consoles commercially. Thanks for the great post.

  • TheCerdolerdo99 6 hours ago

    I agree with every game on your list, I would change banjo kazooie for conker's bad fur day…..ocarina of time in my opinion is the best game in the history of consoles.

  • Allan J 6 hours ago

    The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time . ( thee greatest story / adventure game I've ever played. it has it all ) . there was one game that was going to be in par with it ( Brother's: a tale of two sons ) but i dont know what happen .

  • Warhol's Mao 6 hours ago

    as much as people love OoT for nostalgia value (and yes it is a fantastic game) Majora's Mask is just objectively superior

  • SevereTstormFan 6 hours ago

    Awesome video but how could Diddy Kong Racing not make the list?

  • Wheels8504 6 hours ago

    He did the video? I'll pass.

  • camelCase 6 hours ago

    Great narrative delivered for OoT. Nothing to date has come close to delivering the emotions I had felt while playing OoT. I've beaten that game like 8 times…Just a masterpiece.

  • Hitsuo 6 hours ago

    Hooly sh*t i have ocarina zelda and mario 64 and majorasq masque whoooo

  • Andre Eichstedt 6 hours ago

    Great Video. Do you like the Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil (franchise) Games?

    Thank you

  • Dave Giffin 6 hours ago

    Some really great memories that you brought back to me from your video. Very good jorb, Derek!

  • RetroGeek Computers 6 hours ago

    All of these games sucked, except for Golden Eye.  You failed to mention Doom 64 and Duke Nukem 64.

  • Jake Garatti 6 hours ago

    Number 1 was predictable, but I completely agree. No game will ever beat Ocarina of Time.

  • WarVet Gaming 6 hours ago

    thanks, now I'm going to have to go buy a 64 and play some of the best games ever. I forgot about the actual campaign for bond, and of course I need to adventure with the best zelda game ever.

  • kellanslutz 6 hours ago

    Derek's comments on Ocarina of Time were beautiful

  • mythicalcapo 1 6 hours ago

    I'm only 14 but I love the legend of Zelda ocarina of time and Mario 64

  • Taz Farhat 6 hours ago

    im getting n64 for chritmas

  • Caleb Bravo 6 hours ago

    Link said to Ganon before the final blow, "Get rekt m8".

  • GBPackers3224 6 hours ago

    Lol the line about Conker and the broom closet. You've got a lot of good lines in this, especially the revolution/evolution line with Perfect Dark. Loved the list man!

  • GeorgeCan Quickscope 6 hours ago

    Awesome choice!

  • MetroidFREAK21 6 hours ago

    One of my favorite consoles of all time. I just re-bought the console (and for the first time the orange console) shown in the intro… I'm just so excited… memories

  • CultOfWeirdness 6 hours ago

    my n64 is the same age as me, and I didn't get a home system until the GameCube, so my memories are Mario kart and star wars pod racers at my friend's house

  • drukaito 6 hours ago

    i used to play ssb with my best friend everytime I went to his house in the guest room. it was the mother fucking fuck shit

  • Jona Batna 6 hours ago

    i play star fox like almost every day my high score is 1412.

  • Derek Kayan 6 hours ago

    great list my top 10 would be

    10. Mario Party
    9. Conkers bad fur day
    8. Diddy Kong Racing
    7. Killer instinct Gold
    6. Star Fox 64
    5. LOZ: Ocarina of time
    4. LOZ: Majoras Mask
    3. Paper Mario
    2. Mario Kart 64
    1. Super Mario 64
    honerable mentions: banjo Kazooie/tooie, Super smash bros. (would have been on the top 10 but melee blew this game out of the water), pokemon stadium 1-2

  • RayFeltin 6 hours ago

    Surprised you were able to find 10 games for this list. That's right I'm saying it..the N64 is overrated and one of the worst "popular" consoles ever! Saying this does not take away from the handful of masterpieces. The problem becomes abundantly clear when you start looking beyond those games. 😉

  • Paulo Lima 6 hours ago

    Dude, where did you get that Conker doll behind u?!?!

  • Talibanana 6 hours ago


    Before video: God I swear if OoT is #1 I'll be so pissed.
    9:42 :Jesus-Goddamn-Christ

  • Juan Ramirez 6 hours ago

    My Personal Top 10 N64 Games
    10. WWF No Mercy
    9. Pokémon Stadium (1 And 2)
    8. StarFox 64
    7. Diddy Kong Racing
    6. Conker's Bad Fur Day
    5. Mario Kart 64
    4. Donkey Kong 64
    3. Ocarina Of Time
    2. Banjo Kazooie
    1. Super Mario 64

  • Edryan 6 hours ago

    you're missing out Rayman Legends

  • SuperComicNerd 6 hours ago

    no nightmare creatures???

  • Kavin Kasi 6 hours ago

    Bond was golden, but dark is perfect

  • shutter zoe 6 hours ago

    game cube anyone?

  • Ms. DMR 6 hours ago

    Planning on re-buying both sega and N64 to relive my childhood. God these were the days.

  • Clients Incoming - Digital Marketing Strategy 6 hours ago

    The N64 was the beginning of my gaming dark age. But, I do remember digging quite a few games on this list. Well done, D.