SHN Rating for Insomnis Thanks to Path Games for reaching out to SHN to try out their little indie game ! Download the Game here!

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video rating: 4.56
duration : 25:57
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  • Terry Ann Hill 7 hours ago

    Enjoy this channel tons!!! Keep it up.

  • Sugarcat 7 hours ago

    Just finished recording this myself and wanted to see other folks' opinion on it. What an odd little game but with loads of potential! Had some references that I never noticed as well that now that I know they're there it really freaks me out! lol

  • CIRIACO GARCIA PEREZ 7 hours ago

    Me ha encantado muy buenooooooooooooooooo

  • Howling Aries 7 hours ago

    lol "Soundwave is playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links" I didn't know the decepticons had the time off to do such things.

  • Metatron 7 hours ago

    "carbon dioxide leak"? i can't help but think they mean carbon monoxide

  • Ty YuZekken 7 hours ago

    This was meh for me I'm just waiting on the full versions of Lust and Beast Within <3 Also I think I'm just spoiled now by all the really good horror games you've played before these newer ones lol
    0:55 shoutout to Dead Silence and also Slappy from Goosebumps XD

  • Clarens Kévin 7 hours ago

    Definitely not a good game :/

  • The assets don't seem worthy of 4k. 1080 for sure, 2k maybe, but not 4k. Still, thanks for recording in the quality though.

  • RPG Master 7 hours ago

    Man your intro is so awesome

  • Cody Chloroform 7 hours ago

    Nice "Dead Silence" painting in the hallway! 3rd newspaper article "Missing Children" has a photo of Casey Anthony's Daughter!!??! WTF?

  • BigRig Joe 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or do a lot of these indie horror games suffer from "Everything looks the same and is all shiny and out of place" Syndrome?

    IS it due to all sharing store bought assests from libraries? Because I really think worse looking artwork thats unique and consistent would go further than good models and artwork that don't mesh

  • Retrolution 7 hours ago

    lol the way you slowly moved up the stairs to the ghost xD

  • Frank Manz 7 hours ago

    Who needs to study anyway?

  • Unicorn Dreams 7 hours ago

    New game on my list

  • Joel Benavidez 7 hours ago

    What up shn