Welcome to Sim UK and my Project Cars 2 Career Gameplay on PC. If you LIKED this video PLEASE SPANK the LIKE button and if you want to see more, …

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  • jerry ward 5 hours ago

    F1 is better

  • Flatsix 5 hours ago

    "This is the first time that tires have been modelled" What about LFS, iracing, AC?

  • The After Effects work is good

  • Harry Grindell 5 hours ago

    The oval racing doesn’t look great…

  • Guy Mahoney 5 hours ago

    > This is the only game that models tyre deformation!
    > Why can't I feel all the bumps in the road??

    Ever thought these were related?

  • Noggin41 5 hours ago

    your drifting all around the track. yeah that sure is a realistic sim! LMAO jokes

  • Xendoshi Yoshimato 5 hours ago

    I know it's been a bit since you did this video, but I want to say I like it. I have been waiting for a game/sim like this for a while.

    Starting at 7:08 you was talking about how the speed in relation to the visual was off for you. That statement is what I like the most.
    I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee, My parents have a Chevy sonic and when I go from my jeep to their car,
    I get the same exact feeling IRL. Speedometer says I am doing 70mph. . I feel like I am doing 30, both visualy and the
    input I am receiving from the wheel. Borrowed their car for a short trip and it took me 150 miles before it clicked for me.
    When I went back to my jeep. . I felt like I was speeding. Perhaps why you was having problems with the speed is due to a
    more accurate POV form the road from the car?

    Again thanks for the review and now I know what one to pick up along with the Fanatec setup I am getting.

  • Desatar21 5 hours ago

    As a long-time track enthusiast and car nut, I can say without a doubt that Project Cars 2 has the most sophisticated physics engine and tyre model in the sim-racing genre. Nothing comes close. Project Cars 2's physics wipes the floor with arcade games like Assetto Corsa, and it shits over "ice and glass" driving games like iRacing. RaceRoom Racing Experience is also pretty good (though less sophisticated than PC2), but other than that nothing comes anywhere near as realistic as Project Cars 2. All the comments you might have seen about games like Assetto Corsa, are coming from children who think that silly drifting game can pass itself as a driving simulator. It can't. It never has, and it never will. Same goes for the pro-iRacing comments. They come from fanatic and frankly: mentally ill, children who have no understanding of driving simulation, and who think driving on ice feels like the real thing.

    Without a doubt, if you want a real simulator. ie. something that feels EXACTLY like REAL LIFE. Project Cars 2 is the only simulator that can do that. All the others either feel like a bouncy computer game with tyres made of glass (iRacing), or an arcade drifting game with tons of grip, and shitty sounds and graphics from 2004 (Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo).

  • Russell Stone 5 hours ago

    I'm confused, your calling a SIM a game.

  • MooseNGoose 5 hours ago

    I am not sure if I should try the first one or just buy the second I have a unused key for the first project cars from a humble bundle purchase

  • Jeffrey hill 5 hours ago

    first time racer bought this yesterday . and I feel out of my depth here. at 1 point the game nearly went in the bin lol

  • Spacedraptor 5 hours ago

    You can tell you don't play many real racing sims. Try R3E, Rfactor2 or even GTR2 by the same teams as Project Cars you will see why this is a simcade not a genuine sim. Glad your having fun with it though 🙂

  • Evan Melanson 5 hours ago

    You are so incredibly off base it's laughable. I'm sorry, but is Slightly Mad Studios paying you for this ad? You clearly have no idea what makes a good driving simulator.

  • FortniteGamer supercoolfunky 5 hours ago

    Forza motorsport 7 is better, but this game is really fun!

  • Andy Wan 5 hours ago

    Yep it is the best

  • F1 Hybrid 5 hours ago

    I love pc2 even if it's not the most realistic… I tried iracing for a while and I thought it was a joke

  • Corey Mckee 5 hours ago

    Are all these cars available at the start on all modes even custom matches??

  • Aaron S. 5 hours ago

    NASCAR oval racing is absolute SHIT in PCars 2.

  • This is more of an arcade game not a Sim . AC is the same. Rfactor, Rfactor 2 and Automobilista are Sims and have great FFB as well.

  • Adam Bordelon 5 hours ago

    you and the mightyjingles , a fellow utuber, should have a co op game play in war thunder

  • Hubinic 5 hours ago

    You can change location of that canceled lap time indicator.

  • jody wilkins 5 hours ago

    the tyres are ruined on this like you take any corner at any decent speed and your tires smoke to hell and overheat, other sims im fairly good with my tyre use! and the cars have no weight to them for me project cars was just better. maybe its because im use to iracing now, but i played and tried to get refunded unfortunately me being me i tried to give the game a chance and overstepped the 2 hour mark, project cars 2 runs like crap gutted i wasted the money. i have 485 hours on project cars and over 2000 on iracing. really good video tho dude!!

  • Patel Balyo 5 hours ago

    Best game my freind you can help me I confused what game do I download ???

  • Patel Balyo 5 hours ago

    Its my channel name

  • Patel Balyo 5 hours ago

    Besy game my friend

  • Godwind Racing 5 hours ago

    PC2 is realistic…as long as your experience with sim racing begins and ends with Forza Motorsport. PC1 was total tripe in comparison. Realistic? Wait until you play Automobilista and rF2 or even rF1, which the latter for an 11-year-old sim, makes AC and PC2 as realistic as Need for Speed.

    IMO, this dev clearly knows who it's demographic is…the 20 something Top Gear watching demographic. That's why they see the need to throw a big portion of their budget on car licensing, also on Nordschleife and Circuit de la Sarthe; knowing that it gives what these suckers want…driving their dream cars on their dream circuits with VR and graphics that push the most expensive of GTX 1080 Ti to its limit to make up for mediocre car physics. That's why they need to throw in the realistic narrative to sucker these fools in like Kunos, Turn 10 and Polyphony do.

  • yue zhang 5 hours ago


  • A Person 5 hours ago

    Asseto Corsa

  • mick swagger 5 hours ago

    assetto corsa is a shit game, iracing may b a bit more realistic, but its got shit graphics, forza is like mario kart, this game is fuckin badass, smoke a big joint n crank it up n its a hoot. ya heard.

  • Ashmeister559 5 hours ago

    Just looked at my TOCA 2 box and it said “The most realistic racing game ever made”- Playstation Power

  • RealTalk 5 hours ago

    What controls did you use to play this with?

  • Clarence Eckert 5 hours ago

    This game was terrible to me I hated the cars & the tracks graphics aren't that good

  • Osprey11 5 hours ago

    I have the 1st one and i simply love it.
    I bought the 2nd one, and sold it after 1 month. I just wish i could throw it, into SMS window ofice, with a brick attached to it!!!

  • Emu 925 5 hours ago

    But the question is… Can you correct your car?

  • Memphis Reins 5 hours ago


  • Memphis Reins 5 hours ago

    Not even close this game is garbage all those settings for ffb are a clear excuse for them not figuring out how the cars feel ,they create confusion so people can't ever come close to feel like the real thing.

  • Either the demo is really poor, the graphics settings are very low, or this game just doesn’t have the same quality/capability as Forza. Maybe your PC is just that much better, but on console it clearly isn’t keeping up with the times. The force feedback is very different as well. In PC2 there was more vibration when braking and really none when accelerating. When moving from side to side it felt like I was driving on 4 bowling balls.

    Not sure if it’s b/c I’m using a pad and console or what, but all around I feel Forza is far superior esp when it comes to lighting, texture, detail, blacker blacks, color pops, basically everything aesthetic. Did not realize how important that was until I switched back over to Forza 7. Wow what an amazing game to look at. Please tell me you’ve given Forza 7 a go already before making this review. If not, as much as you play PC2 you’ll be blown away even more than I am when you turn on Forza. 5 mins is all you’ll need. Demo is free.

  • For a person on console using a controller and no VR, is PC2 worth my while? Can you go into any more detail about career mode? How many races does it entail or is it continuous and never ending?

  • jackal575 5 hours ago

    WTF is 1800p?