Twitter: I suffered a couple nightmares just editing this, lol. I hope you enjoy. Also, click subscribe. Did you do that? You did? Thanks …

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  • HIden Fox 3 hours ago

    He is back be bugiiiiii Eminem

  • Cate Donnelly 3 hours ago

    .hrn p
    Kgd*mmsav .i

  • Liam Plays 3 hours ago

    Granny was good

  • Gamer 204 iPhrezz 3 hours ago

    Man, What a video dude, Those games you showed me is only playable with a pc, Actually i have those games in my pc, We’re talking about IOS DUDE Those are not games for ios or for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Stop making attractive videos but fake informations!
    Dude, i know you want mooore likes, But your video’s informations is fake, Like the dead space, I jave that game on my pc, But i keep searching for it on my android and apple device but, i suddenly realised that there is no such game “dead space” and any other games that is in my pc, i searched pc games on my apple and android devices thinking that game has a pocket edition version, Dude I still smashed that 👍🏻 button to help you out a little, Don’t be mad at me.

  • GamingWolf_YT 3 hours ago

    I can’t find indigo lake 😭 is it not on the us appstore?

  • GamingWolf_YT 3 hours ago

    I can’t find indigo lake!

  • C r e a m o N a N a 3 hours ago

    That first part😭😞

  • Endextro 3 hours ago

    Video jump scare to get me nice try though

  • YourIanBaek 3 hours ago

    I should hid at the comments xD that jumpscare tho

  • Golden Dipper 3 hours ago

    Indego lake is the best scariest I’ve played nothing can beat it

  • Kritika Tg_Gamer 3 hours ago

    I recommend u guys to play "Five Nights At Freddy's 4" creepiest game btw fnaf also has the best horror story too I guess.

  • I AM NUMBR 1 3 hours ago

    Dang it's sad that dead space isn't in iOS anymore

  • Ryuko Gaming 3 hours ago

    Dang it "in fear we trust" is gone from the App Store. Ugh. I wanted to play it. The Drowning was apparently an online only game. I never got a chance to play that one :/

  • Jason Emond 3 hours ago

    I played the room and I don't think it's a bad game I suggested it to anyone that likes to solve puzzles

  • Joshua Film's 3 hours ago

    Indigo lake is not on the App Store WTF

  • NoJuice JustSoda 3 hours ago

    how can i download the indigo lake app, the dark red font wasn't readable

  • Phoenixwild The dragon 3 hours ago

    You sound like vanossgaming

  • kxZ Gaming 3 hours ago

    That jump scare was shit

  • Nalgonda Desi Boyz 3 hours ago

    your funny I've subscribed

  • Sudsy Warrior 3 hours ago

    Does anyone actually remember hysteria project

  • MiniKoston 3 hours ago

    I can't find in fear I trust!

  • Supersourdog yt 3 hours ago

    The video starts at 0:00 your welcome

  • Newbielim 3 hours ago

    In fear I trust is not in AppStore 😭😭😭😭

  • Patrik Larsson 3 hours ago

    I Love LIMBO who love LIMBO 2?
    Let me know!

  • antonio jimenez 3 hours ago

    dead space ? not install

  • MelvinMcCool 3 hours ago

    The last game was Swedish… I'm from Sweden… Yay?

  • jakkrit Maturear 3 hours ago

    9:20 What game ????

  • Albert Sain 3 hours ago

    limbi is the best game

  • ebony love 3 hours ago

    I was looking for scary horror games to play with friends. I found "Eyes – The horror game" in the App Store, and I screamed.

  • melany was here 3 hours ago

    The intro scared me omfg 😂

  • SevenFour 3 hours ago

    The dark meadow was ok until it just jolted me into battling something the start was ok

  • ChasegamingTV 3 hours ago

    How is limbo scary

  • Mine Boy 3 hours ago

    You are a dick for that jump scare at the beginning

  • real master 3 hours ago

    is not horror games

  • Draven 3 hours ago

    Is their any way to get these game other than the app store?
    Because half of them aren't even in there.

  • Enderdragonboy7 3 hours ago

    In dead space you play as isaac…

  • GamingAllTheWay 3 hours ago

    0:08 why you scared the shit out of mee😭😭😭😭

  • Slayer 3 hours ago

    I can't find papa sangre

  • AR Gamer 3 hours ago

    Why I can't download in fear I trust?