2Dark is a stealth adventure game developed by Frédérick Raynal, the pioneer of survival horror games and creator of Alone in the Dark®. Make your way …

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  • Hazzie Sof 8 hours ago

    This sounds creepy and so does the music at the end. lol Good review and this game looks interesting. There seems to be a lot of aesthetically darker games coming out lately, or maybe I am attracted to them more lately. I'm so happy to see your videos again!

  • OnlyShadowkin 8 hours ago

    a Q Video! Oh Boy! =] this game looks pretty creepy, did you do a play Through of it, Q? if so, might we see some of it here? if not, would you? could be pretty cool to watch. hope you are well! catch ya later.

  • Ennas78 8 hours ago

    This looks pretty cool! I appreciate your review videos highlighting different games, makes stepping away from WoW a bit easier 🙂