Outlast: Whistleblower, Alien Isolation, Daylight, and much, much more. These are the games that will make you hide behind your sofa in the coming year.

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  • Cameron Allen 2 hours ago

    IGN logic:
    Rates Alien: Isolation a 5.9/10
    Recommends it in this video

  • We need more narrators like you

  • Yeezy ASMR 2 hours ago

    I would play them If I had the moneys

  • denisdaily fan :p 2 hours ago

    My fav game is fran bow

  • Meanwhile you rate Alien Isolation 5.9/10 -_-

  • Mr. Harun 2 hours ago

    One of IGNs best videos, whhy didnt they make this video for subsequent years?
    I keep oncoming back to rewatch this video

  • Gaming With Shaan 2 hours ago

    Daylight IS THE BEST!

  • madhumita basu roy 2 hours ago

    Well outlast is the best. U gonna piss ur pants 15 mins into the game

  • denisdaily fan :p 2 hours ago

    my favoriet game is fran bow

  • denisdaily fan :p 2 hours ago

    i like game fran bow and neverending nightmare

  • Dude Ain't Rude 2 hours ago

    I am waiting for the game Routine!

  • Gokul Dasputhre 2 hours ago

    My favourite Among the sleep. I cried after the game too much emotional at the end

  • oruffryder 2 hours ago

    Alien isolation is one of the greatest survival horror games of all time!!!

  • stripe801 2 hours ago

    asyLum, routine, & the forest stiLL aren't out. whether fuLL games or not at aLL

  • Andrea Evangelista 2 hours ago

    games; 1.alien isolation
    2.dying light
    3.the forest
    5.the evil within
    6.among the sleep
    10.fran bow
    11.neverending nightmares
    12.vanishing of ethan carter
    13.outlast;whistle blower

  • Kolnar 2 hours ago

    I feel lonely watching this in 2017

  • secert youtube person 2 hours ago

    i only no 8 of theese games and markiplyer played all 8 click my logo

  • Fire Betty 2 hours ago

    fran bow is not that "Horror" game… like… even FNAF more scary… But Fran bow pretty interesting and "beautiful.

  • Vedant Parahsar 2 hours ago

    outlast is my favorite

  • Nathaniel Sampson 2 hours ago

    dying light is not on ps3 wtf