A new series sees the dawn of day! Let me know what you think in the comments! 🤘 In this TL;DR Reviews series (or should I call it 5 Games in 5 Minutes?)

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  • Lucas Leatherwood 41 mins ago

    Hey man, just found your channel and I'm loving it. It's been hard to find a good quality channel focused on mobile games. I'm really liking your content. Keep it up man!

  • Eric Caraballoso 41 mins ago

    Hopefully this format gains more popularity for your channel. I really enjoy watching you play a game every day, but I typically have the time for it. This should reach a slightly different audience. Best of luck!

  • AndroidPlay 41 mins ago

    I had the same experience with Paladins Strike. The matchmaking is brutal but I'm still going to keep trying it since I think it has potential.

  • Paladin Strike damage goes up to 30% if you have runes; not 7%.

  • Heto75 41 mins ago

    This format is great! Please keep doing it.

  • Aashay Rao 41 mins ago

    awesome video as always! Maybe put the android and iphone links for the games.

  • Polished Helicopter 41 mins ago


  • ankkojenkohtalo 41 mins ago

    Great job, keep up the good work.

  • Isyraq Ummair 41 mins ago

    this was the starcraft mission that i was talking about on starlord review vid. feel free to watch if u have time

  • Isyraq Ummair 41 mins ago

    wow more moba for phone XD

  • lineny the dank meme 41 mins ago

    I really like this

  • Joseph Hall 41 mins ago

    Great job! Keep it up !

  • NimbleThor 41 mins ago

    What did you think about the format, #NimbleSquad?
    ALSO! Playlists are now LIVE: 😋🤘

  • Josh Taylor 41 mins ago

    Awesome vid. I really liked this videos format. Keep it up Mr thor