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  • Clout It 39 mins ago

    Legends say that ryan responds to all the comments.

  • SMR Gaming 39 mins ago

    This game is the bessssssssssssssssst

  • RIZ-A 109 39 mins ago

    Fullscreen, 100℅ volume

  • Neon Tronn 39 mins ago

    I feel really sorry for the poor survivor. Having to walk around in the dark all alone. Scared outta his mind.

  • gamer nick666 39 mins ago

    Cause I'd don't think a monster head is that big

  • gamer nick666 39 mins ago

    People say that the 2 glowing eyes are actually eyes but they are the car lights

  • Joan Donohoe 39 mins ago

    I recommend you play Slender Mans forest

  • Joan Donohoe 39 mins ago

    I play this game and it’s so scary

  • SPRING BELL 39 mins ago

    Also don't make him come to you cause I think the monster is kinda him and don't ever tell him where you are

  • SPRING BELL 39 mins ago

    When I first heard that guy I was like OMG I think this is the monster!

  • SPRING BELL 39 mins ago

    When I first play that's game I hear that guy and I don't trust him but I didn't open the light cause the monster will see you. (All you do is make the guy go to another tower so that the monster won't kill you or won't see you and the warning is don't tell him where you are and don't open the light and yeah all you do on the game is help him go in the other tower!) Sorry of my English is bad I'm new at speaking English

  • Brutus 39 mins ago

    Damn you reply you idiot

  • Martin Purrmann 39 mins ago

    I only read the title.
    Edit: oh that kind of "radio" lol

  • Infinity war Spider Man 39 mins ago

    Scary game man!

  • I Don't Even Know 39 mins ago

    I hope they make a game where you SEE the Goatman

  • Gamer Bonlor 39 mins ago

    You might put the run vine in the start

  • Dante Gomez 39 mins ago

    It’s like it’s saying you need to get out of here

  • Ava Ungaro 39 mins ago


  • iSe _cUbe 39 mins ago

    The monster can copy the guys voice

  • Emmanuel Martinez 39 mins ago

    You funny best youtobe

  • spoopy

  • Carla Petersen 39 mins ago

    if u don't like then why do u watch

  • TheShadyPast 39 mins ago

    this is like duck season its a creepypsta game XD.

  • Iamnumber3 IrwanZ 39 mins ago

    Its like fnaf

  • Dexter Clark 39 mins ago

    I'm watching at 1122 p.m.

  • Jermey Jordan 39 mins ago

    When his voice is normal its him but if his voice sounds weird then its the goat man

  • emilysclone 39 mins ago

    I would like it if they kept updating the game to make it better

  • HungryTaco 39 mins ago

    Maybe the guy you were trying to get to the tower was a monster and you were guiding to yourself

  • Floppy Arms Here 39 mins ago

    The edits and sounds scared me more than the atmosphere xD

  • Floppy Arms Here 39 mins ago

    I need to put on my blankets so my feet don't get eaten…

  • Whitney Graybeal 39 mins ago


  • lumduan collins 39 mins ago

    I saw a banana in the sky!:D

  • Marshall The Boss 39 mins ago

    Why do you stand up when u play?

  • Steven Surnear 39 mins ago

    Don't answer the radio it is goatman

  • SpaceFace 39 mins ago

    Darn goats out screaming this late at night.

  • TealKid 39 mins ago

    This kinda reminds me of gravity falls

  • Tim Schallehn 39 mins ago

    I have been watvhing you and other Ryan 4 2 years

  • Amy 147 39 mins ago

    I am goin to die by horror. omg like my good

  • Dylan Sky 39 mins ago

    Ryan you need to play Oxenfree! It’s got a creepy kind of radio vibe just like this game!

  • TemPestRY Lightning 39 mins ago


  • Carlos peralta 39 mins ago

    We want a series please Ryan.

  • Lunar Eclipse 39 mins ago

    Where can I get this game?

  • murzmk 39 mins ago

    8 bitryan is becoming Ali-a