The Horizon festival heads down under but stays well on top. ———————————- Follow IGN for more! ———————————- YOUTUBE: …

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  • Rayhan S 11 hours ago

    Forza horizon 4 out in October =>

  • Pizza Tossingpro55 11 hours ago

    Birthday list updated

  • Paul H. Kircher III 11 hours ago

    Where'd my credits go?

  • Paulo Dybala 11 hours ago

    Literally deserves more than 10 I still play the game for hours even though I completed the game 1.5 years ago there's so much to discover and do like literally it's da best

  • Kool Cool 11 hours ago

    Sausage lol

  • Greg Dundee 11 hours ago

    Finally! Nice to see abit of Australiana in video games for a change

  • hunter benoit 11 hours ago

    Is this game something i can play without wifi

  • addy uva 11 hours ago

    The game seems very confused, does it want to be realistic or arcady? It can't seem to make the decision. Multiplayer in this game is very dull and the campaign is random with no clear direction. Sorry Forza I hate this game.😘

  • round cube 11 hours ago

    This is the most australian person ive ever heard

  • Imagine all of a sudden getting really excited to buy a good racing game, doing some research, finding forza horizon 3, getting REALLY fjcking excited to buy it, entering google to buy it and find out it's a xbox one game.. yeah that just happened to me

  • SDS Overfiend 11 hours ago

    9.5. Perfect. Currently playing this and I agree with this accessment. I had 9.3.

  • Bittervids Gaming 11 hours ago

    the map is tooooooooooo small

  • Iqbal Khan 11 hours ago

    If only it was on ps4

  • Did anyone notice one of the names were Master Chief???

  • a release that better then nfs payback

    what a surprise

  • Shivam Gupta 11 hours ago

    For a second can we just appreciate the fact that the developers of FH3 have an amazing taste of music.

  • Alastair 7 11 hours ago

    My forms name is beefcake😂👌🏼

  • DoubleJ 11 hours ago

    I have Forza horizon three and playing it for a while and it’s probably the best racing game I have ever played my whole life. I’ve been playing racing games ever since the first PlayStation.

  • RedstoneDrifter 11 hours ago

    My disc chipped 🙁

  • TheReal RedWolfofDeath 11 hours ago

    You forgot to mention that the game is un-optimized for PC. 2018 and they still haven't fixed the game.

  • glentaker 11 hours ago

    no PC version?


    Does it have splitscreen

  • Lunamaria 11 hours ago

    Me want!!!!

  • xX JDM 4 LIFE Xx 11 hours ago

    This game is the best racing gaming ever

  • Cornelis S 11 hours ago

    do you think it makes a difference if you play with keyboard, controller or with an simulator steering wheel

  • Timothy Greene 11 hours ago

    Why do they drive on the left side of the road? That is so weird.

  • Basit Manzoor 11 hours ago

    Just make this person do ALL the reviews. This is how reviews are done. =)

  • remitosh_ 11 hours ago

    I’m depressed I don’t have an x-box

  • lawzsocom 11 hours ago

    Shut up and take my $

  • pizzapoweer joey 11 hours ago

    GPU: GeForce GTX 950M
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz
    (7.92 GB RAM)
    Resolution 1920 x 1080, 60Hz
    Microsoft Windows 10
    Can i play this game on good definitions

  • grey hound 11 hours ago

    Lindstrom closing shot duck yeah

  • Adrian St5 11 hours ago

    Should I buy it in 2018?