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  • CosmosFTW 4 months ago

    OOOOPS! I Forgot loot lake…

  • AJ Gaming 4 months ago

    “the loot isn’t amazing” as he has a purple scar in dusty depot

  • shimmo _jr 4 months ago

    Make an updated one

  • Hanna Dreifeldt Laine 4 months ago

    He forgot loot lake and lucky landing

  • nick brown 4 months ago

    Are you guys dumb he didn’t forget anarchy acres p.s u forgot lucky landing

  • Everydaylif3e ofme 4 months ago

    Your not really going to be in the circle all the time in tilted I personally have not been in the circle multiple times.

  • Osvaldo Garcia 4 months ago

    He forgot lucky landing

  • Lilli Robinson 4 months ago

    u forgot lucky landing and loot lake you dippoo

  • TheZekBlaster Vlogs 4 months ago

    When I was a noob I placed second with 4 kills at wailing

  • MrBlueEduard 500 4 months ago

    I hope loot lake was number 2 :))))

  • Kishoban Selvan 4 months ago

    And lucky landing u missed

  • SlipDog 4 months ago

    This needs an update

  • Vanilla Bean 4 months ago

    Lucky landing?

  • Moisty Mire Over Junk Junction?I don't care if it got upgraded in season 4, Its worse than junk junction

  • VLADINOSE 777 4 months ago

    He forgot loot lake and lucky landing

  • Fad3 2k17 4 months ago

    You forgot retail row

  • L Matthies 4 months ago

    wailing is just so slept on, it may be far from the circle, but the loot there is hella good. Why didn't you mention that you can get a shit ton of wood, but you did in moisty

  • Pokemon Connaisseur 4 months ago

    Greasy grove is better located then snobby

  • Pokemon Connaisseur 4 months ago

    I've found 8 chest in one game at haunted

  • Pokemon Connaisseur 4 months ago

    Junk has good loot

  • Alex Dong 4 months ago

    These are the best to worst for PROs only, not bad players

  • latunen plays 4 months ago

    Retail is WAY more better than some Salty

  • latunen plays 4 months ago

    Tomato town is the WORST! There is 1-2 chests

  • latunen plays 4 months ago

    U ******! 1 time i got a legendary bolt-action sniper rifle, epic deagle and legendary supressed pistol from junk junction

  • Dylan’s Hockey Channel 4 months ago

    Lonely lodge is my favourite

  • MChunt 4 months ago

    When I saw Dusty Depot on the list I was just like, wow. Season 4 peeps

  • Emily Biller 4 months ago

    Lonely Lodge is my baby because I’m so bad at getting kills gonna try to go a different spot tho

  • William Gracer 4 months ago

    tilted towers sucks.
    retail row is the best.

  • Alissa Jones 4 months ago

    Junk Junction is one of my #1 place to go cuz it always has good loot!!! I’ve found so many chest! It’s an awesome place

  • Dew Spectrum 4 months ago

    I sometimes go to Flush Factory. Once I found five chests and two legendaries.

  • kacperskyy 4 months ago

    Now its dusty divot :d

  • ChickenXD56 4 months ago

    Wailing Woods gave me a purple semi auto 2 shields and a blue assault rifle. Also Tilted is trash for me

  • Joshua Trinne 4 months ago

    Where the fuck is lucky landing huh

  • Vitiate Gd 4 months ago

    Haunted can spawn about 10 chests

  • OverWatch Support Hero Main 4 months ago

    I love wailing woods and haunted hills 😢 i love the loot there 😍

  • Cam Newton #SuperCam #Goat 4 months ago

    Retail is an undeniable top 3 place loot wise along with pleasant and titled. This list is simply wrong

  • Whalun 4 months ago

    4:32 "It's basically always in the zone…" *continues to be swallowed by the storm*

  • James Bettison 4 months ago

    Your just saying u like tilted because you think people are gonna think your good and roadman😂

  • Harry Blades 4 months ago

    He didn't say lucky landing or loot lake

  • Insane Xperimentz 4 months ago

    This video is brought to you by

    Tilted towers

  • Try Hard Gamer 4 months ago

    Did he do anarchy acres???

  • Mad Max 4 months ago


  • Jonah Hetzler 4 months ago

    firgot lucky landing and loot lake

  • Wesley Flack 4 months ago

    I know junk junction isn’t a good location at all, but I land there often and I get about 8 chests every time

  • Ethan Xiong 4 months ago

    Haunted hills actually has 11 chest spawn plus the truck outside and two houses. I personally believe haunted hills is a great place because it has 14 potential chest spawn including the chest at the car and house and shed. I respect your opinion and understand it has bad location but the chest spawns are so good

  • Agent_Duck Quack 4 months ago

    People clicking on this vid: If blank location isn’t number 1 on this list, I will dislike and unsubscribe!
    vid says it’s only decent
    People: TRIGGERED!!!

  • Angel's Devil 4 months ago

    Wailing woods really? I got rocket laughter and minigun epic and legendary from the chest

  • emmanuel chin 4 months ago

    Am i the only one who thinks tilted towers is overrated?