Defunct Games reviews Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island by Right Nice Games, available May 19 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Although this …

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  • Buddha B 16 hours ago

    and, all things considered, there isn't THAUGHHHOUT much that can be said about it. I guess on the WHOUGHGUHURGLE, I think this game is a good start for new gamers. But it can't be said about AOUUUUEAHRGLL of it.

  • yoshimasterleader 16 hours ago

    I m not into the art design of this one. the proportions Skylar's model looks off. might be the camera angle.

  • if this was on android i might play it. but not as a full pc game

  • rainbowthrustars 16 hours ago

    Sweet. Just bought this game on sale on PSN now 🙂

  • TeslaChad 16 hours ago

    I hope it doesn't get a sequel. I was pretty brutal on it in my review. It has some decent parts but I thought it was a mostly cringey game.

    Solid review though. I think your script and VO were very good.

  • burntyper 16 hours ago

    lol "owl"

  • ThirdStrike II 16 hours ago

    It only cost like 15$ so I see why is short

  • Ruthless Savage Hatred 16 hours ago

    looks good!

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986 16 hours ago

    I might get this on GOG for a cheap price. Also, I'm not sure if it's out of early access yet, but I hope Poi will become available on other platforms as well as GOG in the near future.

  • RABBIDGamfan 16 hours ago

    Speaking of "revival" 3D platformers, I'd really like to see you review A Hat In Time when that comes out, now that it finally has a tentative release window of Fall 2017.

  • Kibitz 16 hours ago

    Looks like a game made in project spark

  • Wil Rivera 16 hours ago

    .. seems like it borrows from several games; for example, yooka-laylee, sonic, crash, etc …

  • Michael Dust 16 hours ago

    why do platformers have to be with animals all time

  • King Harkinian 16 hours ago

    So it's basically Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy? I suppose I could grab it when it goes on sale.

  • pmcollectorboy 16 hours ago

    This just makes me crave remakes of Billy Hatcher and Tail Concerto.

  • Doom2Guy 16 hours ago

    Looks very much like the first Jak & Daxter, but with Ratchet's gliding

  • Novago Cooper 16 hours ago

    so it is worth it for 10 bucks?

  • Nicholas Ostrom 16 hours ago

    Monitor… CRT… lol

  • Malik Streeter 16 hours ago

    I was curious how this game was and it looks good but depending on the price i might for since it should keep me occupied till when mirrim comes out