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  • Александра Никифорова 2 hours ago

    Are You Looking Hack For Your Games? Search on the internet "Crustygames 4u". You Will End up getting Plenty of Game Hacks There.

  • bob dole 2 hours ago

    wish this dude would STFUP

  • Mine Cuber 2 hours ago

    "Why are they pulling on me

    shifts from 2nd to 5th gear*

  • z2h2turbo 2 hours ago

    Gt sport vr video pls

  • MastaChinks 2 hours ago

    Get the London look

  • Duke the meister 2 hours ago

    This game looks amazing but you talk way to much bro!!!

  • Reaper 2103 2 hours ago

    This will probably the only reason I would get the PS4…
    But im an Xbox dude!

  • Mooch 81 2 hours ago

    I can't seem to get my TH8A to work this this or original driveclub? Using a T150 wheel. Do you have it hooked straight to the base or usb to the system? Of all the research I've done…about half can get it to work and half can't. Any help you can provide would be appreciated? Thanks.

  • Austin 2 hours ago

    11:44 This scaling issue can be easily fixed in the Playstation VR settings. The scaling issue is occurring because you haven't calibrated your eye distance. If you calibrate your eye distance, the scaling will be fixed and the cars feel just as big as they are in real life.

  • tom jpp 2 hours ago

    Hail the Pc gaming Masterace🤘🤑

  • THELOSTRANGER 2 hours ago

    iracing fucks all these games

  • mom0g1 2 hours ago

    lol, break break turn … wtf

  • Louis Gonzalez 2 hours ago


  • FOGGY SPORT SIM RACING 2 hours ago

    PS4 is outdated m8. VR is miles better on a Gaming PC. 480p No thanks! 😊

  • Justin Amazing 2 hours ago

    Driveclub no matter how you play it even with psvr absolutely sucks it is a horrible game

  • Mathy111 De game fan 2 hours ago

    Do you neef thee wheel oud cancyou play with controller

  • Prince Xamim 2 hours ago

    That guy just talks too f-ing much… And its certainly NOT a compliment…
    I'm using a headphone right now, and just 6 minutes into the video is giving me a mighty headache…
    That's why I like RadBrad, that guy 'rarely' speaks (compared to that Brit Dork), just enough to make sure that you're not alone watching the video…!

  • -GA- Mancsfinest 2 hours ago

    wtf do us us all a favour and zip it……..ah,,,,,,zip…………shhhhhhhh, zipit

  • My cute Chimchim 2 hours ago

    What game is this

  • Kevin Soto 2 hours ago

    only people who DON'T have VR hate on it, PSVR is amazing, definitely the most innovative thing in console gaming in a long time

  • solarneddy 2 hours ago

    Looks pretty damn good? Get your eyes tested. It looks passable but vr is about immersion

  • Dude you need to drop gear before you hit the corner, not while at full turn. Just a suggestion. Looks awesome though…

  • Junior Morales 2 hours ago

    Fuck driving School now

  • Tech for the future! 2 hours ago

    how do you get the shifter linked? ive got the same setup. what do I need to do?

  • AllGucci 2 hours ago

    talk like a fagget

  • SuperBoris1976 2 hours ago

    well it is the only one so that wouldn't be hard

  • GT4tube 2 hours ago

    RIP GRAPHICS 2016.

  • zippy441 2 hours ago

    Got to agree… Driveclub is epic in vr!!

  • Mr Dilrd 2 hours ago

    Dude I had to go outside for 30 minutes for fresh air because of the motion sickness. I later went back to play some more.

  • MjnZachps4gaming123 Extreme 2 hours ago


  • Heinz Mybach 2 hours ago

    you talk to much

  • boba1mighty 2 hours ago

    Can you talk like a goddamn human and stop shouting?
    Ughhhhhh i got a headache just trying to listen to this guy.

  • Hugo Stiglitz 2 hours ago

    Honestly, it looks incredible. I want a PS VR so bad now. I have a T300 steering wheel so I'm set there, just need a PS VR. Wish it wasn't so overpriced though

  • dee dee 2 hours ago

    Aaaahhhh HAHAHA man he's making my ribcage hurt

  • dee dee 2 hours ago

    he is HILARIOUS haha lol i cant stop laughing

  • Stefan Unson 2 hours ago

    Since the PS4 console has TWO USB ports in which the VR and the T300 RS wheel are plugged in, how did you plug in the H shifter? Thanks.

  • kavlih 2 hours ago

    a pain to watch – not mention to listen to this silly prattle.

  • Plank Tonn 2 hours ago

    new king of arcade vr racing

  • Kapado 2 hours ago

    i wasnt gonna buy this based on thy bad press. But you've convinced me to purchase it. More videos

  • Dan Spore 2 hours ago

    Love your videos. You're hilarious. Keep it up. Can't wait to get Playstation VR.

  • posinker 2 hours ago

    This looks really cool. NEED  a badass steering wheel. Too bad I am a broke bitch. I need  PS4, VR, AND the steering wheel. The whole setup is somewhere around $1,200 U.S., plus or minus…

  • Brian KongNam 2 hours ago


  • SmiggiSmoo TDZ 2 hours ago

    It's such a shame that they spent all this time putting VR into the worst racing game ever to be released. I'd would literally prefer to spend more time playing toca race driver on ps1. The only good thing this game has got going for it is the graphics. All the cars sound the same and not realistic to the actual cars sound and the interior sound is too muffled. PlayStation should have not let them put vr on drive club until after it was done on gran turismo

  • alphadog708 2 hours ago

    the best Vr racing game? its the only Vr racing game and its terrible..they failed already lol

  • NextGenNate 2 hours ago

    Its fun but from someone that really liked normal driveclub, the vr version is a pain to my eye for the antialiasing.

  • Alpha6015 2 hours ago

    guys… get a life 🙂
    drive real cars… and smt 🙂

  • IT'S DAVE! 2 hours ago

    It looks really blury 😮

  • Mar Mac 2 hours ago

    The graphics took a huge hit!

  • derbigpr500 2 hours ago

    No, it's not. It's still an arcade piece of shit. The best VR racing games would be iRacing on PC with a VR headset (available for over 2 years), Assetto Corsa with a VR headset, rFactor, LFS, etc. Those are sims, actual simulations made for people who care about racing and know something about it. Console race games are hilariously bad and unrealistic, and all designed for clueless kids and teenagers who never drove a real car to play the game with a gamepad or a shitty wheel, and adding a VR headset just adds more confusion. It's like playing a smartphone race game with a VR headset.