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  • Mateo Malezic 1 month ago

    Alone in the Dark (2008) wask OK. It shouldn't have been on this list.

  • XxxLeafMarioxxX 1 month ago

    Do you mean worst like "Piece a shit" worst, or do you mean worst like Good Worst?

  • the will 1 month ago

    Where is outlast,resident evil 7,and amneisa dark decent well re7 was a pretty good game just not a horror game

  • Ebenezer Scrooge 1 month ago

    Resident Evil Survivor is better than Resident Evil 6

  • Ju On was nice. Can't agree with placing it on the list.

    It was surprising just how much they could screw up Alone in the Dark. I do agree with Yahtzee's review; it was as if the developers had a lot of interesting ideas, and managed to screw up every each one of them. I did pull through though, but it was in the end harder to accept the fact that they broke the storyline. While they could have done "modern", the lack of gothic haunted places was a big issue for me.

  • Fred Frederick 1 month ago

    Agony just came out. Time to update your list.

  • revolver_tactics six_gun 1 month ago

    kojima and norman reedus are friends? what? i dont get the reference…

  • CreditR01 1 month ago

    6:46 – Telltale games hasn't handled the Walking Dead franchise well since Season 1. Season 2 was 'meh' and Season 3 was a mess. Bad programming, bad story, glitches galore.

    If you do an updated list, throw Outlast 2 on there. That's one of the most disappointing horror and game sequels in a long time.

  • Esper Accelerator 1 month ago

    honestly i thought slender the arrival would be number 1

  • Jessica Lee 1 month ago

    Don’t forget Clocktower 2, The Struggle Within.

  • Jessica Lee 1 month ago

    Don’t forget Clocktower 2, The Struggle Within.

  • Morgan King 1 month ago

    I don’t necessarily think resident evil 6 was a bad game. It was only terrible because of how much it didn’t stick to the resident evil franchise, instead went towards a action call of duty game. If re6 was a game on its own then it wouldn’t be that bad, it’s just cos it ruined the franchise

  • Dr Medic 1 month ago

    At lest there's a new better Friday the 13th game which is badass

  • Jacob r 1 month ago

    Most scariest video game ttg the video game.

  • Resident Chicken 1 month ago

    You do not know true bad horror games mates, you cannot say you saw what true suckfest is without trying Ring Terror's realm on dreamcast.

  • Parazomnia 1 month ago

    I was SO happy that a horror game with my name, Amy, was made… but was super disappointed after how shitty it was 😖

  • DJ BassMic 1 month ago

    Ju-On was actually pretty scary for the time, try playing the game or something before putting a game like that in a list like this.

  • Brittny Burkett 1 month ago

    K soon since wen fo we bend logic and men having babies wid black umbilical cords ?????!?!!

  • Kona Aukai 1 month ago

    My bf played Amy, and I spectated. You guys completely forgot to mention that the game was as broken as a game could be. Everything was wrong with that game! Absolutely everything! He was getting angry listening to the gameplay in this video, too lol

  • Cuckoo Foster 1 month ago

    This is 1 of my least favorite list

  • Cuckoo Foster 1 month ago

    I liked AITD on PS2

  • A.R Pradipta 1 month ago

    Howcome resident evil 6 are the worst horror game? It was epic

  • mickie 1 month ago

    Resident evil 6 was super awesome!

  • IHaveNoSoulBro 1 month ago

    I thought Amy was fun

  • JIGSAW 4 EVER c geoffrey 1 month ago

    Ohhh…survival horror games. Well, what about just badly done horror? As I said, Cold Fear should be on that list, so should maybe F.E.A.R 2 & 3, that Scarab; the curse or whatever that thing was called, after that whatever..