Ranking the PS4’s best action-adventure video games so far. These are the highest rated games currently available on the PlayStation 4. Support this channel …

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  • world serpent 10 hours ago

    Uncharted is defenetly the best ps4 game yet. Maybe even the best game I have ever played

  • Smart Founded 10 hours ago

    No mad max.. But beyond two souls? I've heard from multiple sources is the worst game ever made

  • Ramy Tony 10 hours ago

    Your sound is boring and stupid,just like you

  • sundarsachin0307 seshathri 10 hours ago

    horizon zero dawn? watch dogs 2 must be atleast 9

  • Michael Tioko 10 hours ago

    #1 uncharted 4: A thief's end. Yep

  • Sonia mujtaba 10 hours ago

    I'll buy FIFA 18 (free cause I'm buying PS4 pro) horizon zero dawn and God of war 3

  • Sonia mujtaba 10 hours ago

    Where is horizon zero dawn?

  • MaGNona 10 hours ago
    34 comptes Origin

  • Abdel Malik 10 hours ago

    Good list exept the first 3.
    Tbh. 2 remasters and one climbing simulator it's a joke
    Uncharted 4 can't even beat Tomb raider witch is a awsome game with mutch content then the climbing simulator

  • Alexandru 10 hours ago

    Trap Team is the worst Skylanders game you could have picked. Swap Force is way better and SuperChargers is the best they ever released.

  • Dapper Owl812 10 hours ago

    Uncharted 4. Oh yes

  • Ryan Reed 10 hours ago

    You have a very odd cadence

  • vortexx 10 hours ago

    some are on other consoles

  • Nathalie xas 10 hours ago

    Just thought i could sharе this, i wantеd to hеlp evеryonе from struggling to gеt frее ps4 games, although thеir codеs are limitеd its worth a try this is the wеbsitе

  • BeatriceDevonne 10 hours ago

    so..wheres rise of the tomb raider?.

  • Hugo Flores 10 hours ago

    Horizon? The Witcher?

  • johaiver gamer 10 hours ago

    yes i us ps4 now i will buy for my son :3

  • manjinder natt 10 hours ago

    where is dragon ball xenoverse 2

  • manjinder natt 10 hours ago


  • walidadam 54 10 hours ago

    The list is good but some really good games are missing etc hellblade senua sacrifice.

  • Fabian Hellbach 10 hours ago

    Anybody knows the title or Genre of the music played in 7:40 ~ 8-40?

  • Kwstas Askotis 10 hours ago

    Dark souls 3 , witcher 3 , horizon zero dawn , bloodborne out of list and yakuza 0 and lego in.. cmon man you are wasting your time , our time , and everyones time.. you suppose to be proffesionals but you dont have any taste at all.. you leave the epic out and put all midiocre in.. dark souls 3 men.. ever hear about it ? Shamefull

  • KingSlayer 10 hours ago

    sorry watchdogs should be on the first

  • KingSlayer 10 hours ago

    where is watchdogs two

  • Antonio A 10 hours ago

    y do u sound kike a robot

  • TheMagicGuy 10 hours ago

    Unchartered is a shitty game with a cheesy storyline