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  • Itachi Emma 1 hour ago

    I love overwatch

  • Papa Lardo 1 hour ago

    Half of the games on here are dead or no longer in development….

  • Titousky 1 hour ago

    lol, the 4 first games you mentioned already shutted down xD

  • Umaru Chan 1 hour ago


  • Ranger Furby 1 hour ago


  • Some Guy 1 hour ago

    Lol lawbreakers
    Aaaaah funny

  • Some Guy 1 hour ago

    Thank you so fucking much for not ranking in any order

  • Татьяна Рябова 1 hour ago

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  • Calvin Andrew Goenadi 1 hour ago

    I thought gigantic is dead ?

  • Rasta 1 hour ago

    I think he forgot "fortnite."

  • waifusforsale - 1 hour ago

    too bad lawbreakers failed 🙁


  • john morgan 1 hour ago

    How can you not put league or csgo on this list instant dislike

  • Scrubzu : 1 hour ago

    Sad paragob has been closed

  • YoshTG 1 hour ago

    bad video for 2 reasons: 1. learn that competitive games are always free to play. if its not free to play its not competitive. 2. league of legends is not anymore competitive. yeah there is still a competitive scene but its decreasing and riot games itself does not want to keep it as an esport game. riot games main focus are children and not esport motivated people. children are much more likely to waste their pocketmoney for skins.. esport oriented people dont really care so much about cosmetics. tencent plays a big role in this

  • Youshisu 1 hour ago

    Top 10 without order "wow"

  • ΠΟΠΗ ΤΣΑΚΙΡΗ 1 hour ago

    5 CSGO
    4 COD
    2 LOL
    1 fortnite

  • Nick Serafin 1 hour ago

    Almost all of these games have died out, or lost support…. great list.

  • SonicRainboomProductions5000 1 hour ago

    Where's fortnite

  • Facundo Poviña 1 hour ago

    rip Gigantic :´(

  • Tyler Randolph 1 hour ago

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  • Ferrallat 1 hour ago


  • Stocial 1 hour ago

    Such a shame Lawbreakers didn't work out

  • sheikh mansur 1 hour ago

    not in order?, iim out

  • Jules 1 hour ago

    what about minecraft tho

  • kdub77 1 hour ago

    no Rocket League?

  • N3_Kl44lS 1 hour ago

    Where ist CS GO?

  • The Pig 1 hour ago

    What is league of legends