I have finished The Evil Within 2 and have recorded my review for the game. I loved The Evil Within 2 even if it had some things I did dislike throughout. What did …

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  • Paulos tzigli 2 months ago

    it took you 14 hours cous you play it in easy

  • vann tedd 2 months ago

    So you missed one of the most scariest boss of all ,for rushing to the end.
    moral of the story.. never play games to rush to the end ignoring Side quest. The fun in the game is not to finish it.. but immerse in the story and do it all. Otherwise whats the point to buy a game to skip parts of it ?

  • Craig Sheppard 2 months ago

    I like the first one best.

  • Joe Lewis 2 months ago

    I played the second one first lol. Was so good i got the first one with all dlc's and then i was like wtf!!! The controls in the first one sucked sooooo bad ugh but was still a great game. As for the dlc's ehh they were ok and did help tell more of the story but that's about all.

  • 천사타락한 2 months ago

    Resident Evil 7 is way better anyways, I loved watching you play it.

  • miss jayne 2 months ago

    I bloody loved this game

  • Isaac Martinez 2 months ago

    I fell in love with TEW for the same reason that a lot of people hate it. It was hard, and sometimes you had no idea what was going on. No idea how to find weak spots in the enemies, no idea how to solve puzzles etc etc etc.
    Unfortunately most people complained about this type of game and TEW2 was loaded with fanservice.

    I think thats why it felt like it was divided in 2 sections too. Estefano, the first part that has more of that grim, gruesome, WTF feel to it and then the Theodore/Myra part.
    Overall, i think the Linear vs Open world parts were well-balanced in the game. Nobody is forcing you to explore everything, but you will be rewarded for doing so.

    On my first play through i missed ALOT of stuff. The flamethrower, the laser pistol, the silenced pistol, i didnt do Skypes side quest, i missed so much, but the game still felt complete even thought i knew that i needed to explore more and i think that's what the developers had in mind.
    I love RE4 and The Last of Us, but i really liked the fact that in TEW2 you dont get the whole story by rushing through the game because is not 100% linear, you can still finish it, save Lily and be a Hero, but if you want to know the whole story you need to submerge yourself into the world of STEM again.

  • Resident evil 7 is better…

  • Adam Warner 2 months ago

    yah i thought the first one was more terrifying espiecally with Laura and personally i think ruvik was a better antagonist than theodore and stefano mainly cuz his story was more gripping which caused ruvik to gradually go insane then all of a sudden snap when he lost his sister laura. and your right the sequel did lack bosses compared to the first game but i still loved the sequel both of them were great games but personally the first one left a greater impression on me though by the way ghost lady is freaky as hell i'm glad i got to experience her on my first playthrough

  • fOREVER Pure 2 months ago

    Love the game fantastick game coming from tango gameworks

  • Matthew Campbell 2 months ago

    limited stamina and matches made the game unique and fun for me

  • PC GAMER 2 months ago

    took me 12 hours to finish the game and yeah ghost lady she's creepy

  • Br0k3nNiGhTmAr3 2 months ago

    His office

  • Spitfire 2103 2 months ago

    the combat is pretty much the same from the first one with minor change which ive enjoyed through out the entire game, so i got no complain there. there’s some clunky stealth mechanics that doesnt really work, like the ability to run behind enemy or annoyingly cover system but the game works fine without even using it so again got no problem there. there’s chunks of kinda open area that you can explore, im not a fan of this but i still enjoyed it. the problem i had tho its the difficulty, i play it on survival (normal) but half way thru i realized this mode is too easy for me, so i want to change it, problem is i can only lower the difficulty unless i start a new game, so i ended up having tons of item and ammo ( i even never got the chance to use flamethrower bcuz of how much ammo i have and i never once crafted syringe from herb, appereantly theres enough of them already if you look in every corner) and nearly unlocked full ability. so thats my first problem, the 2nd one tho its the story and the character especially the villain there’s not enough character development, unlike ruvik they’re just kinda there bcuz the game need a villains and the monster doesnt resemble anything unlike the first game. the story is shallow again unlike the first game, i had to read and watch yt to understand the first evil within storyline ( i know some of it is bcuz how bad the story telling is in the first game). all and all its pretty damn good horror game but i like the first game more

  • Chris Morgan 2 months ago

    Wow. You didn't see her at all. Some of the best stuff is in the side quests. I think that it makes a difference because I went through and did just about everything and it was a good experience. It's more like "here's the main quest but if you want story, go here instead" and do the side objectives.

  • steven seagal 2 months ago

    The first one was better !!!!

    But .. resident evil 7 is the best horror

  • gilgamesh310 2 months ago

    I didn't find the first game scary at all.

  • Djin 9 2 months ago

    What is the song playing in the background of this review?

  • Kageso Slash 2 months ago

    Suzy lu did anybody told you you look beautiful will you look very beautiful

  • Jesse ? 2 months ago

    too blue, too Short, not scary, cliche plot, cliche characters, Bad face animation for Lily and Myra in particular, re-used Monsters from the first game. Awesome looking final boss though. Cliche "part3"tease ending scene. Ride to sunset cliche.

  • Robs Lskr 2 months ago

    Im just chapter 7 suzy😀

  • Tamim Hossain 2 months ago

    Good review! very stylish:3

  • jamie robert jury 2 months ago

    such a good series i played the first evilwithin and yes it was more dark but still really enjoyed watching you play the second one that final boss was pretty epic was like the abomnal snowwoman 😛

  • Michael Charron 2 months ago

    Honestly, when I was in Chapter 3, I wished that the whole game was open-world and ended up being pretty disappointed with the fact that it's not… I loved the game though, but it would have been a much more unique experience if it would have stayed open-world, for me. Discovering the ghost lady while exploring the different houses was just jaw dropping haha

  • ping oh' 2 months ago

    If you don’t take your time to savor every moment in an open world game and just try to hammer your way through the main quest then you will miss out.

  • Velle Soo 2 months ago

    Will you do a playthrough on the ghost lady?

  • Johnny Wesker 2 months ago

    awesome review suzy, i loved the game, and i just finished it 3 times the 3rd time was on "Classic Mode" and believe me when i say this fucking mode is HELL!! its a fucking NIGHTMARE LOL

  • Sonicx216 2 months ago

    The ghost lady isn’t really explained but her sections are terrifying and she’s important to the story without a doubt. Worth a play through of it for sure but also know it’ll unlock new scenarios in game where she will randomly pop up and you have to avoid her.

  • JPalm27 2 months ago

    Definitely better than the 1st one, and alot better than re7 imo.

  • Zlatan Ibra 2 months ago

    how do i use my joystick to play this game?

  • Osiris Avra 2 months ago

    not to be rude but that ghost lady was the most scary thing in the game and then you talk about how the game didn't feel scary. She was invading you in many different places and it was really stressful sometimes. Just make sure you know everything about the game you review. Anyway you got most points so its ok.

  • Alex de la rosa 2 months ago

    everybodyy! BACK OFF!!! shes MINEEE!!! lol TAGGG MEEEEE GIRLLLLLL!!!