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  • Eric Muller 3 months ago

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  • Adriano De Marco 3 months ago

    this pack missing (for me): yellow lancer from 2fast2furious and red lancer from tokyo drift, toretto's challenger and rx7 from the first film, brian's gtr (blu) and supra (white) from furious7. these cars are iconic of the saga

  • Adriano De Marco 3 months ago

    this dlc will be available for the standard edition? (paid,of course)

  • dj X.A.N.A 3 months ago

    so many ricers

  • Dude Earthquake 3 months ago

    Awesome pack but still waitin for the rx7 from Tokyo drift

  • GuneTama 3 months ago

    Pre-order DLC, this new standard is a pain.

  • Still playing off Paul Walker's death for money… lol get over him good actor but nothing special and all these fast packs are the same cars repeatedly

  • Eduardo Cruz 3 months ago