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  • videogamegenius 4 hours ago

    Good Review Mike.

  • Anderson Santos 4 hours ago

    3 por 10

  • McKids was better

  • Dee-jay luig-jay 4 hours ago

    This game is an absolute gem imo

  • _coma_ 4 hours ago

    Thank you, very cogent and concise review, all bases covered!

  • That soundtrack, tho

  • J Frye 4 hours ago

    ok I checked the definitive versions of that mike matei.

  • SPBN0VA 4 hours ago

    I prefer Mc Donald Global Gladiator, but this one is also fun

  • Fire Striker 4 hours ago

    Mc kids is better.

  • Sam Hillier 4 hours ago

    this game is excellent.

  • Новороссия 4 hours ago

    Treix por deix!

  • SkyBlue 1988 4 hours ago

    Pls can u review New fantasia pls

  • VGG Brayden 4 hours ago

    1:22 IT'S WHISPY WOODS!!!

  • Dreigonix 4 hours ago

    That final boss theme though.

  • Gabriel Moreno 4 hours ago

    When I rented this game in the 90s for my Sega Mega Drive, the health bar was actually made by hamburgers, fries and shakes. That was the version I played. Years later, I played it and this was replaced by gems and flowers. I found out after searching carefully that whis was the beta version of the game. Try it, Mike, look for the beta rom and you will play it with hamburgers, the in-game shop is actually a Mc Donald's shop too, it is very cool. 🙂

  • Suntil 4 hours ago

    3:25 "the song from Dracula" facelapm.. It's Chaykowski!!
    btw its the best game from my early childhood. very best music and it's really not hard for a 7-8 age

  • Riana K 4 hours ago

    You sound like your dieing

  • Ty Martin 4 hours ago

    the final boss theme is pretty good tbh

  • Aaes Astra 4 hours ago

    0:35. Once again, its Alien, not Elien. 😀

  • Renan43 4 hours ago

    5:20 Who da fuck is this?
    5:36 Again… WHO???

  • mikeax24 4 hours ago

    my opinion : the reason they didnt put mcdonalds everywhere in the game, reverse psychology. you expect hp hamburgers, you dont get them, you think alot about mcdonalds, you want to go to mcdonalds.

  • Veetard1985 4 hours ago

    I would never want to visit this place. Too creepy.

  • Veetard1985 4 hours ago

    Love your videos Mike. Im always ecstatic when you put out content.

  • omar lucero 4 hours ago

    I used to play this game when I was little it sucks I don't have the game anymore

  • seanmyster6 4 hours ago

    McDonald's Treasureland Adventure is pretty decent, I think. There are better games out there, but when it comes to games based on product mascots, you could also do far worse.

  • J Soren 4 hours ago

    what a fail game xD

  • John Becker 4 hours ago

    The mirror effect was pretty cool.   Even Silent Hill 2 in the beginning when the main character was in the rest stop bathroom didn't have that (During regular game play, not cut scenes.  Cut scenes showed the mirrored effect) which is light years ahead of this game.

  • JsRetroVideoGames 4 hours ago

    Why couldn't they just make a treasure full of Big Macs? How cool would it be to see an ending where Ronald is all bloated and out of shape? lol

  • willz HatesU 4 hours ago

    Great video Mike.

  • BasqueNYC 4 hours ago

    So apparently according to this game McDonalds will be advertised on spacecrafts which is a good idea to help boost money into the US space program

  • FroztiProductions 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who feels like I'm in a sci-fi film seeing this blatant propaganda to feed kids more toxic food lol

  • Dan Fors 4 hours ago

    Nice marketing of McDonald's. Ronald kills his enemies by food poisoning.

  • BasqueNYC 4 hours ago

    McDonalds coffee is the nastiest shit on the planet

  • phenom_ 1986 4 hours ago

    the graphics look like a mix of sonic and Rayman.

  • Mark Ganus 4 hours ago

    mc donalds + dracula theme + ghostly ballerinas = true horror

  • Funny Farm Paranormal 4 hours ago

    where is the King's game, Burger King that is. 8^D

  • DB Pooper 4 hours ago

    Based on release dates, this game must to have been developed alongside Gunstar Heroes, which released the same month. I imagine Treasure needed more funding at some point, so they partnered with a deep-pocketed company, and quickly swapped out an original character for Ronald.

    I'm just conjecturing, but it would be interesting to find out the real story.

  • Ryan Amberger 4 hours ago

    Any chance we could get more Mike Matei reviews in the future? I enjoy AVGN thoroughly, but your reviews are awesome as well. Hopefully someday.

  • Mr1Nate7 4 hours ago

    I LOVED Gunstar heroes growing up. Damn good game!