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  • Dude Productions 4 hours ago

    RIP OG factory

  • I just call the rocks crack not crack rocks

  • Thomas Conrad 4 hours ago

    Pat: has never played halo
    Me: You will pay for your sins!

  • TheNeonBolt 4 hours ago


  • PRICE PeRRY 4 hours ago

    It’s it just me or does he look a little bit to much like Nicholas Cage

  • Its A boss here today 2018 4 hours ago

    Says dusty is bad , get 7 kills

  • BotZestySlayer 4 hours ago

    Love the old fortnite music reminds me of Halloween days of fortbite

  • Will It Crush? 4 hours ago

    I hate to beg and I'm not one of those comment jack asses but I need a shout out to my fortnite channel or some vbucks to boost my account

  • Will It Crush? 4 hours ago

    I hate to beg and I'm not one of those comment jack asses but I need a shout out to my fortnite channel or some vbucks to boost my account

  • DylanXDyoung 4 hours ago

    Why do you look like a young, gay Nicholas Cage?

  • KelpoGaming 4 hours ago

    13:37 time 😉

  • coolguy124079 4 hours ago

    Haunted Hills is 100% #1

  • Mr. Person 4 hours ago

    When I'm watching this, at least double the players go to tilted now than before the meteor

  • Marx Farx 4 hours ago

    Tomato Town lowkey underrated

  • The Seahawk 4 hours ago

    No carbide owns the mansion omega owns the rocket place

  • The Seahawk 4 hours ago

    My friend got 15 kills on Xbox cuz he got a shotgun in dusty divot and just nailed everyone

  • ZanMan 27 4 hours ago

    "For those prison lovers" -TSP

  • My channel is dead 4 hours ago

    the OG factory is in the exact same place where the lab is in Dusty Divot.

  • Jace Weekley 4 hours ago

    THere not

  • Harrison Liang 4 hours ago

    "Not the tilted towers of fortnite anymore." Um.. Yes it is. There's only one tilted towers in fortnite.

  • Harrison Liang 4 hours ago

    "Dusty depot is worse now" he says as he gets a scar. I don't disagree but that's pretty ironic.

  • JLB Mania 4 hours ago

    What r u talking about several people go to risky reels

  • HealedMage 4 hours ago

    Cliffs of Dover?

  • michelle stinson 4 hours ago

    The Mansion erbody go there wym😂😂

  • Piperr Plays 101 4 hours ago

    I HATE Dusty Divot because you don't get weapons or mats and too many people go there because its new

  • Mishpãré Urśhjìlk 4 hours ago

    So the mansion, the base of the good guys, owns the missle base, the base of the bad guys? That has to be the most backwards prediction I've ever heard

  • Oxymoron: Healthy RGIII 4 hours ago

    Take a shot Everytime he says low-key

  • Abdomexin 117 4 hours ago

    Play Halo!!!!

  • D3nse Puls3r 4 hours ago

    7:45 no . no no no no

  • Seth Mich Game’z 4 hours ago

    I bet you it’s omegas house

  • Payton - Playz 4 hours ago

    He says,"Now its only worse" Oh, guess what? I found a purple scar!

  • you missed the new place on the right of junk junction

  • Axaye Waterspy 4 hours ago
  • Trap meme lord Dank 4 hours ago

    This guys voice is pretty annoying

  • BlackKnigh6 & Friends 4 hours ago

    1337 xD 13 minutes 37 seconds

  • Hailey Sulima 4 hours ago

    The meteorite crash by pleasant has 3 chest spawns

  • Mohsin Elhaddi 4 hours ago

    I don't care about kills that much

  • Shaden McCollum 4 hours ago

    Good snipe bro

  • Jul1us 4 hours ago

    Drink a shot every time he says low-key

  • AA Playz 4 hours ago


  • Leo Holmström 4 hours ago

    Song is cliffs of Dover by Eric johnson

  • Alix TM Moua 4 hours ago