20 AWESOME Single Player Games | New Games 2018 for PS4 Xbox One & PC Games List: 00:00 RAGE 2 (PS4, XB1, PC) 01:21 Shadow of the Tomb Raider …

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  • SPIDEY NEWS 3 months ago

    Thumbnail was dude in dusty divot from fortnite

  • Sener King 3 months ago

    Spyro <3

  • Ajc 123 3 months ago

    Games that I am looking foward to playing this year:
    Kingdom hearts 3
    Warriors orochi 4
    Spyro reignited trilogy
    Devil may cry 5(if it is a thing)
    Last of us 2
    Farcry 5

  • Blue Bloom 3 months ago

    RAGE 2!! I can't believe I will finally enjoy the good old days of the PS3 on to the ps4…wow…

  • Fesada Br 3 months ago

    Rage 2, atomic heard, metro exodus and Death Standing seams nice

  • Gaming Bnr . FIFA Mobile 3 months ago

    اخواتي أرجوكم ساعدوني و تفاعلوا معي بالإشتراك في قناتي .
    فضلا و ليس أمرا😍😘❤

  • 盼湃艾 3 months ago

    What is the game name of the last one and time at 19:58?
    Please tell me, i am looking forward

  • Phil. L. 3 months ago

    So far Anthem and Bio Mutant look to be the best choices so far, for Xbox One X.

  • FirstCobro DSMUD 3 months ago

    Interrupting one game preview to play another one is very irritating. Especially since each one is long enough to get invested in it. I'm just gonna avoid this channel from now on.

  • GOAT LP 3 months ago

    RAGE 2, Spyro und Metro: Exodus wird alles zum Release als Lets Play bei uns erscheinen!!!

  • Enoch Ezekiel 3 months ago

    where is fifa 19? 🤔

  • Neddskorg 3 months ago

    RAGE 2 = Bethesda Avalanche and ID does a software team get any better than that?

  • j3khin1 3 months ago

    Only 2 outstanding games are coming out, from this list, Rage 2 and Darksiders 3

  • Xavier Matews 3 months ago

    Jurassic World Evolution is AWESOME! 😀

  • RE fan 3 months ago

    Andrew w k music 😎😎😎😎

  • Marc Duchamp 3 months ago

    Last of us looked stupid

  • Drummers Eve 3 months ago

    Fuckin love ID software.

  • The Bomb Diggity 3 months ago

    I need a time stamp comment for these videos lol

  • Dallan Crossman 3 months ago

    Darksiders 3? Surely that's just God of War 1 concept footage, can't be serious.

  • Djamel Rayan 3 months ago

    Oh boy some good single players incoming

  • therooster333 3 months ago

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  • Nick Wilson 3 months ago

    Every game here is about killing or animated violence. That is all a game is anymore. It's actually kind of sad. Even the 'good guy' has to kill.

  • rrrrw999 3 months ago

    Days Gone looks great but it just jumps out at you as a game that would have been 10 times better in first person.

  • "When the asteroids hit" I feel like that's the most used sentence or line for every plot movie or game.

  • brittany snyder 3 months ago

    the sinking city looks like a really shit game i would never buy, atomic heart looks really good though

  • therooster333 3 months ago

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  • therooster333 3 months ago

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  • Hamza Khairi 3 months ago

    Omg a new tomb Raider game

  • Momin Alam 3 months ago

    Last of us part 2

  • MoonNight 3 months ago

    Last game Code vein, copied gameplay dark souls with some effects, even hud is similar

  • Antonio Tameson 3 months ago

    I love videos like this, this channel is great! Greetings from Brazil

  • therooster333 3 months ago

    It's fact not sexist skull that's why men and woman are different. Unless you have a guy that's mental and thinks he's a woman. But it's still a man… Its like dressing up a chicken to look like Turkey it doesn't work.

  • therooster333 3 months ago

    Well clash they have woman looking like men in the last of us 2. Guess they think it's easier to convince ppl that transgender isn't mental. LMFMAO funny how a guy that thinks he's a woman turns back into a man just to take Ben Shapiro out back to ring his neck. No sorry but it I thought I was a monkey I would be locked up. These ppl have a mental problem so get them help. Not that I give a fuck either way.

  • Township Rebellion 3 months ago

    color is often an important aspect overlooked why they hard time making lighting

  • Not Nice 3 months ago

    All great games, but i really hate those shit ps4 exclusive games, or any exclusive games. Because every game should be enjoy by every gamer, not just one single console fukers,

  • Len Gobetz 3 months ago

    Will Mechwarrior 5 be available on the PS4

  • Lord D 3 months ago

    but EA told me single player games are dead XD