A countdown of the best Super Nintendo action platform games. These platformers consist more of a violent theme,usually your run n gun / metroidvania …

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  • Fábio Paiva 1 hour ago

    Nosferatu é o melhor da lista!!!😍

  • James Mitchell 1 hour ago

    Sunset Riders better than Skyblazer, Cybernator, Blackthorne and Hagane? Lmao, you officially have zero credibility.

  • Jack Wareham 1 hour ago

    Haha so rubbish. Equinox is not a platformer by the way, it's an isometric adventure game. Also stinky. Jurassic Park lolz. Level design boys! Cybernator I played and liked but the SNES just can't handle action and all those muffled sounds start to bother my ears and I feel like I need to clean them out or something.

  • Ngô Văn Tài 1 hour ago

    Who knows the game which is similar Street of rage but it just has 2 characters?? pls tell me

  • fakemustache25 1 hour ago

    Also no run Saber??

  • fakemustache25 1 hour ago

    This list is inconsistent. No megaman games yet you have stuff like contra and castlevania? Also no pocky and Rocky??

  • TheyCallMeBruce13 1 hour ago

    Some good stuff on here, but no Mega Man X is pretty unforgivable. I also think Run Saber should have had a spot.

  • Retrono 1 hour ago

    Amazing! Super Nintendo!!

  • No Mega Man X? Broken list.

  • Reiul fitness 1 hour ago

    Good list. I didn't know some of them. Thanks!