This time we take a look at DriveClub for the Sony Playstation 4, an incredibly detailed racing simulator that puts you behind the wheel of Ferrari’s, BMW’s and …

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  • FILNAT2011 13 hours ago

    £2.99 can't say no to that!

  • Michael S 13 hours ago

    It's a racing game. There's not supposed to be a story.

  • woodro morgan 13 hours ago

    Luv this game use to play forza but this is #1 to me

  • Tom Hoekveen 13 hours ago

    can you play offline

  • Commander Cool 13 hours ago

    Who the fuck wants a story in a racing game? When has that EVER been a plus?

  • Jerry B. 13 hours ago

    I can't believe some gamers complain about this game. What more do you want! "oh the physics suck". Really? How do you know you 14 year old kid? You don't even drive. Oh, you're 35 and do drive? Do you drive a BMW M5 at 120 mph turning a sharp corner? How do you know what it's supposed to feel like? Some gamers say the sounds are fake. Hmmm, how is that possible? The actually car sounds were literally recorded with a microphone. You are hearing the true car sounds–what they sound like in real life. We are lucky to have such great racing games, so life-like, beautiful, and fun. I guess some people are just born complainers. For comparison, search for the Debbie Downer sketches on SNL. That's what the negative reviewers remind me of.

  • ricko2301 13 hours ago

    I started playing the bikes recently and it's great! I haven't touched cars since and I love cars

  • SGNRyan 13 hours ago

    This game is utter trash. Don't buy it.

  • محمد المعاني 13 hours ago

    Like this😘😻

  • Tyler Swart 13 hours ago

    great review man, thanks

  • DrVale ROSSi 13 hours ago

    This game has come soo far since it's launch. For $7.49 US dollars, it's a "no brainer"! Truly a great racing game that's a ton of fun solo or with your friends. Great review!

  • TransGamer1005 13 hours ago

    Good review. I was looking for a recent review of this, since I'm just coming into the PS4 generation. I knew it had a bad launch, but picked up the slack afterwards. But it was hard to find a review after the facts.

  • Siontis Solid 13 hours ago

    You are wrong, Driveclub has a complete soundtrack but you have to activate it in the sound options.

  • e efilysp 13 hours ago

    Fantastic game. This is literally the best Sim-cade I have played in 10 years. What a product.

  • Almost Smart 13 hours ago

    Love it

  • mike jason 13 hours ago

    Hi!with hardcore mode is simulation or the same?thanks

  • Vanilla Nightz 13 hours ago

    Great review. covered everything. keep up the good work 👍👍👍

  • MemoriesGamer612 13 hours ago

    Too bad don't own ps4 or ps3 🙁