Top 10 – Best Action-Adventure Games of 2014 [HD] —————————————— 10 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 9 – The Evil Within 8 – Escape Dead Island …

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  • Gevagan John 4 hours ago

    stupid. where is game name?

  • Eero Nikola 4 hours ago

    Im still playing watchdogs and im having tons of fun:)

  • Gh0s7_ Sp1n3r 4 hours ago

    name of game?

  • آبۣۗہنۣۗ دُلَيۣۗہمۣۗ 4 hours ago

    assassin's creed unity is the best by i have 4GB ram and this is the problem

  • shokat bhatti 4 hours ago

    i think ac unity is best

  • saika ahmed 4 hours ago

    Assassins creed unity should be 1

  • Fabian Delgado 4 hours ago

    I think TASM2 game was the best of last year because this game is kind of a spiderman simulator and is really realistic

  • PANDA GAMER 4 hours ago

    Not a lot of too good games this year a lot of disappointment but some ones I like where Watch Dogs, AC: Rouge (Unity sucks) Spider-Man 2(50/50)

  • Destercire Ultimatefan 4 hours ago

    the last tinker is Action?

  • Destercire Ultimatefan 4 hours ago

    the evil within is survival horror man!