Spine-chilling horrors await in some of the greatest, most terrifying new horror games of 2016. Here’s what’s in store for your PS4, Xbox One & PC. Subscribe for …

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  • NegativeEffect 3 hours ago

    I don't wanna start. Just give me the girl.

  • The Drifter 3 hours ago

    Friday the 13th the video game is his garbage give me three levels the controls are clunky game is constantly crashing

  • Philip Crotty 3 hours ago

    Before i even clicked on the video my first thought was "half naked girl. I bet falcon is narrating this one" and turns out i was right haha.

  • Killer4life Berry 3 hours ago

    am I the only one who was pissed that resident evel 7 wasn on here

  • Generalgarchomp 3 hours ago

    tf no corpse party 3ds??

  • Amanda Beardall 3 hours ago

    It's 2017 and most of these still haven't come out.

  • keshav nuwal 3 hours ago

    fuck u Sony

  • Barry Saunders 3 hours ago

    thanks for saing it

  • karan dev 3 hours ago

    can anyone help me with how i can download Allison road.. cant find it anywhr.. even a torrent download would help.. thx

  • WEEKEND GAMING 3 hours ago

    no horror things

  • Côme Roullet 3 hours ago

    Friday the 13 th got turned into yt cashshshshshs

  • Javi B 3 hours ago

    Perception REALLY reminds me of an old indie puzzle/platformer called Pulse.

  • Tanner Kennedy 3 hours ago

    What a shit list full of game's that aren't even available in 2016. SMFH

  • Odile Mwaro 3 hours ago

    I found Visage scarier than Allison Road…

  • oh look some games NOT released in 2016 YAY

  • Joshua G 3 hours ago

    Im pretty sure only 3 games from this list actually released in 2016

  • SparkleGaming 3 hours ago

    I'm really hoping Allison road and perception comes soon!!

  • PK Cazadores 3 hours ago

    You spelled whore wrong.

  • AH GAMER 3 hours ago

    oh yeah!!! guys tell me what video i should make for my channel

  • MrGyrian 3 hours ago

    Mm i thing FiveNightAtFreddy SL in the top

  • S Sans 3 hours ago

    Hell yea!!!!!!! Horror chick right here!👹👺👻😄

  • Sabalghoo 3 hours ago

    I'm watching this at the end of 2016 and almost non of these games have been released!

  • aLeX BG 3 hours ago

    Fuck you. Why you didn't add Dead by Deadlight. ITS THE BEST GAME PUSSY