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  • 8-BitRyan 3 hours ago

    Hope you guys don't mind the amount of IPad horror games i've been playing, It's been a little quiet for new games currently!

    If you have anything you'd like to see me play games-wise, let me know. I'm more interested in short game experiences, not 10+ hour games as I'm already playing Dying Light. Would love to hear all your thoughts!

    Thanks and enjoy the video! 🙂

  • Connie Lipton 3 hours ago

    Newbie is so so so so easy and only 8 bags to collect and do it with hospital on endless when you unlock them!

  • Connie Lipton 3 hours ago

    Do newbie with Good boy

  • Mrs. cutie fox :3 3 hours ago

    I just have this game on my ipad

  • Zabeth Soriano 3 hours ago

    Here is the real story of krasue: she was a lady getting married and there was fire down the basement that lady getting married look in the basement and later the basement door closed and she was burning and then there was a spirit named krasue and the spirit said to the lady: wood u like to take my place and then she said yes while she's burning and then she woke up and look to the mirror and then she was finding her husband but there was just burglars. and that's the story 😉

  • Random 12 year old 3 hours ago


  • twisted piper 3 hours ago

    You can customize you monster

  • T Fly Fly 3 hours ago

    Thus game old

  • RadicalToast 3 hours ago

    I preferred the original game when it was just the mansion and the the head

  • Ugandan Brother #ugandan Rules 3 hours ago

    Rip Ryan

  • Meme Days 3 hours ago

    And the saw is for the boarded door in rituals room

  • Meme Days 3 hours ago

    Glad I’m lonley

  • Meme Days 3 hours ago

    Hey this is a urban legend btw in different countries also Krause favorite snack is a baby in a pregnate woman

  • Meme Days 3 hours ago

    Why do you sound like game theory to me

  • Roblox gamer Player 3 hours ago

    I watched this in night at bed at 3.00am my brother was asleep

  • Tristin Miller 3 hours ago

    Ryan you should do a series on this

  • Kerriann Francis 3 hours ago

    She can’t get ya in rooms u can hide in there

  • Aideveloper 3 hours ago

    I tried playing Eyes once. Got way to scared

  • Nicklas Lui 3 hours ago


  • Potato Hannah 3 hours ago

    Ryan mentioning Jay from the kubz scout made me happy hahaha

  • No Name 3 hours ago

    If you stand against the door to open it, but still stay as far into the room without the door closing, then you can watch her without her seeing you! At least that's how it was back when I played this game…

  • No Name 3 hours ago

    I used to be a pro at this game.

  • No Name 3 hours ago

    You slid down the chimney like Santa to get into the room, obviously.

  • Nikolai Legaspi 3 hours ago

    Why do i watch these late at night?… sigh…

  • Aminics Animation 3 hours ago

    OWO! this was uploaded the day i got my eyes checked.

  • Beyblade Lovers 3 hours ago

    This is my favorite horror game. I also beat it.💘

  • Zilkia Santos 3 hours ago

    Krause is a girl with a sad story

  • simpyoung yuk 3 hours ago

    Plz play more eyes the horror game!

  • patricia gonzalez 3 hours ago

    ITS SO DARK! >:c

  • Ham Ham 3 hours ago

    I’m just scrolling to the comments whilst the video is playing cause I’m crapping myself…

  • jayson cabrera 3 hours ago

    veryspooky awooooooooooooooooo

  • Lizzie Gaming 3 hours ago

    I was only in 3 mins and 30 secs (no monster thing shows up.. yet) but I was getting goosebumps…

  • Lorena Hernandez 3 hours ago

    I subscribed

  • Tatsu Narumi 3 hours ago

    Please play Ao oni

  • Awesome Female Dragon Warrior 3 hours ago

    Krasue is a female Charlie’s a male and Good Boy is a male

  • Julia Kakwēla 3 hours ago


  • EnderMite 172 3 hours ago

    The sounds don’t matter