This is a selection of different songs found in some classic PC adventure games. Just a sampling of some of my favorite music featured in many of my favorite …

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  • TopGunPaintballer 8 hours ago

    Never heard of any of these, but they look great

  • PC RetroGamer 8 hours ago

    Nice selection 😉

  • Colin Phizacklea 8 hours ago

    My all time fave music go anywhere and play this mega collection once again go back to the past and goto your favourite place and stand there it does it all for me but for you that's another story try it you might like it..????

  • antideborah 8 hours ago

    Classic! I say it's classic, because I heard something similar in a dream I had when I was 10, back in 1984.

  • so good games remind me of childhood

  • OMG and the best indiana jones of all times i loved that game

  • wow that dune such a good game 

  • Tino Trivino 8 hours ago

    Friend, you forgott to put, QUest for Glory III and COnquest for the Longbow (Robin Hood) they had good tunes too 😀

  • Tino Trivino 8 hours ago

    Stephane Picq rules!!!!

  • Merthalophor 8 hours ago

    Thank you for the upload!

  • GareJei 8 hours ago

    Awesome compilation, this brings back so many memories. Congrats on 100k views!

  • Daniel Strait 8 hours ago

    i waz the 100,000 view

  • SusMusDusPus 8 hours ago

    thanks! u helped me soooo much! 😀

  • Glier Nemeloc 8 hours ago

    it must be the "like" game

  • Sky Haubrich 8 hours ago

    2:10 Scary

  • Chloe Skinner 8 hours ago

    Isn't 3:14 from Monkey Island?

  • tatvin 8 hours ago

    @Badquack …no you were right, he didn't understand your English.

  • mistermarcus07 8 hours ago

    The tune from Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis…. i'm sure this is used in a final fantasy game (maybe VIII in the deep sea research centre?) This, or something VERY similar.

  • Mysterious Stranger 8 hours ago

    @MrGotyouto yeah my bad man

  • krane6457 8 hours ago

    both of the king's quest tunes are my fav ^^ king's quest all the way! (i have the whole series, 1-8 :D)

  • KeepYourShirtOnCosta 8 hours ago

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis…my favorite game ever…what an amazing score, I also uploaded Crab Like Raft ^_^

  • MrGotyouto Hellsing Gabriel 8 hours ago

    @Badquack Runescape copied hahahahaha you do know some of those game we're the first pc game ever made and your talking about runescape…. No runescape get inspired by some of those song probably.¸

    And i am sorry for my very bad english i am french.

  • Mysterious Stranger 8 hours ago

    sounds like runescape copyed a couple of them….

  • Mark Goninon 8 hours ago

    Good taste in adventure game music! Six of my favourites are on your list! 🙂

  • Ben Mitchell 8 hours ago

    4:02 sounds a bit like the rugrats theme song

  • TheKusarigama 8 hours ago

    Old times are always the bests!

  • phoenixelixir 8 hours ago

    Wow, so many good choices in here!

  • SavageTV 8 hours ago

    @LaukkuTheGreit Thanks for the correction. I made an annotation with the corrected title.

  • Laukku 8 hours ago

    Er, that music from The Legend of Kyrandia is incorrectly named. It doesn't play in the Timbermist woods.

  • Casey Roth 8 hours ago

    It wouldn't be too much to ask you to make a link available to download these songs, would it? It's a fantastic list, and want them on the go. (I'm a damn Nerd.)

  • Сергей Резник 8 hours ago

    How nastalgy. Funny, two days ago i just started play "Quest for Glory I"

  • Jammsbro 8 hours ago

    I'm loving this.

  • THE_Gr0$$er 8 hours ago

    @SavageTV I think he meant FatMan 😀

  • thehax ter 8 hours ago

    good selections! especially legend of kyrandia "timbermist woods" and kq6 "oracle"
    both versions mt-32 and general midi had their own personality; although i prefer the mt-32 because of the custom tailored sounds and intstruments relating to the game.

  • Brandon Blume 8 hours ago

    Most of the best game music anywhere can be found from these old DOS games. Brilliant masterpieces and works of art they were.

  • Brandon Blume 8 hours ago

    @TurboSoldat Amen.

  • taffelost 8 hours ago

    I love listening to music from old games. In my opinion The Secret of Monkey Island has the best score of any game to date. The music was just as good then as today. You can't say that about the graphics of course.

  • Kiatrasi 8 hours ago

    Another game that had awesome music was Crusader: No Remorse. The main menu music, and the 3 different base tunes, were beautiful.

  • HardWarUK 8 hours ago

    @SavageTV I think he just meant his Dad has the same name as one of the composers.

  • EDDIEMARTI 8 hours ago

    @SavageTV It won't let me download it. It says I need certain software to load the…ogg-something like that.

  • SavageTV 8 hours ago

    @EDDIEMARTI You should be able to find the full mp3 @ the QuestStudios website. Look for the "Fantom XR" version of the KQ6 digital soundtrack: CD1, Track 28.

  • Kiatrasi 8 hours ago

    Legend of Kyrandia! Ah, the Kyrandia series will always hold a place in my heart. Interesting story and beautiful music 🙂

  • StChas77 8 hours ago

    I have The Dig soundtrack around here somewhere. I'll have to find it. 🙂

  • FlorinU 8 hours ago

    Yeah! The Golden Era of adventure gaming. With all the new 3D bells and whistles, they don't make 'em like they used to. There is no story, no immersion, no brains and no fun to most of the new games.

  • Grant Gannon 8 hours ago

    omg Loom and King's Quest! Memories!

  • The Great Cuck Boy of the Internet 8 hours ago

    monkey island!

  • Mrster 8 hours ago

    How did you get all the orchestrated versions of these?

  • Mrster 8 hours ago

    Oooooooooooooooh, the Dune music, that takes me back!

  • Nils Augustin 8 hours ago

    @iPachi18: i want to know, too!

  • SavageTV 8 hours ago

    @lynnej1970 You can use a program called "DOSBox" to run many of them. For the LucasArts games (along with Kyrandia) there is another program called "ScummVM" that works really well. Hope this helps.