Welcome to Sim UK. Here you will find Ride 2 Gameplay on PC. Motorbike Controller for PC: If you LIKED …

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  • 7O7-ZOZ 3 months ago

    The launcher remains similar all the way back to MotoGP 13.

  • Bruno dimitri Abe tchombe 3 months ago

    No it isn't. Personally the best bike game ever is…

    Gp bikes😎

  • Load of shit

  • My Name is Mud 3 months ago

    That intro bout made me give up.. If I wanted a Sim, I would go outside and get on my Gixxer. As long as Forza exist, we won't have many people for MP or this "genre"

  • Masud Norat 3 months ago

    How is this compared to Driveclub Bikes in terms of gameplay?

  • dathyr1 3 months ago

    People with only wheel controllers on a PC, beware and read below.

    i just Got Ride 2 on sale and found out the hard way that these bike games do not work with a wheel controller without adding additional software like x360ce. I did not see anything in Steam initial specifications about stating what controllers work/not work directly with the game. i am on a PC and do allot of Auto racing Sims. This kinda stupid that they wont allow a wheel controller even though it is not an ideal controller. At least it is better than banging and steering on a keyboard. Kinda stupid with a keyboard.

    i wish all these bike reviews would state up front that a wheel controller will not work without doing additional things and then it is no guarantee that it will work. i may not have bought the game if I knew this up front. I have watched several YouTube videos on the game before I decided to buy Ride 2 and no one mentions this about controllers. It is not just Ride 2, but other bike games dont show or talk about their setups.

    i had an older GP bike game and it did work with a wheel controller(cant remember the name).
    It was allot of fun even with a wheel controller.

    Another dumb thing with Ride 2 on initial startup, they throw you into a race before you even get to the options menu. Another stupid way to do a game.

    As you can tell I haven't done any bike games except the the one GP bike game along time ago. So this is a shock to find out about controller settings. I assume all the bike games follow what Ride 2 does for controllers. i am not buying another bike game until i figure out how to make Ride 2 work with x360ce software and to use my Wheel controller.

    Sorry for my rant, but I hate games that do this. Over and out.

  • алена хамова 3 months ago

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  • Cody Berg 3 months ago

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  • True2022 3 months ago

    Its still the only racing game since gran tourismo on ps1 thats kept me coming back .

  • Roberto Collins 3 months ago

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  • lazer51 3 months ago

    This game could have been so much better. The miserable dead zone that can't be eliminated or adjusted shows milestones stupidity.why not have some in game adjustments for controllers. tt isle of man has this and its a game changer. Typical milestone not giving a shit.

  • Garth Vader 3 months ago

    love this game 🙂

  • WeightliftingWigger 3 months ago

    I was gonna say something about the intro but it looks like the comments already got it covered… Almost a full minute, lol… People got shit to do bruh

  • staggabob 3 months ago

    A Nuremberg Track? Is that only for Time TRIALS? Heh!

  • Ty___ Charles 3 months ago

    Review starts at 6:12

  • Nathan Ruhl 3 months ago

    Tourist Trophy is still better in my opinion.

  • Thunder Thunder 3 months ago

    Intro is too long.

    When it comes to the very review I don't find it informative. And a bit monotonous voice…

  • Aardvark892 3 months ago

    Quick answer to question posed by title. No. Ride 2 is nothing like riding a motorcycle at all. They're at about 1% realism. It's so arcade it's hard to even watch gameplay videos. However, that doesn't mean that this video isn't any good… excellent presentation as always. Thank you for posting this!

  • kshckdshkcjh sdlkvjflkvj 3 months ago

    milestone cant make a descent game. they never learn. if you want great road racing games opt for gp bikes or one of thq s motogp games. you can pump that shit up to max settings

  • sirico 3 months ago

    If my Helmet covered that much vision I'd chuck it

  • KingKaBuji DingKi 3 months ago

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  • Thomas Mehiar 3 months ago


  • Brendansaurus 3 months ago

    is it a free roam game?

  • Michael Holmes 3 months ago

    Jeez you are so boring. Nah seriously it was an ok watch as im sat thinking of what game to buy. Cheers anyway

  • gunna beesee 3 months ago

    cool game