Video games aren’t always just fun and giggles, some of them being so scary that they make you scream in sheer terror. Horrible monsters that suddenly appear …

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  • Ozirion 2 months ago

    I really like this list, you guys nailed this one.

  • Gedankensprünge 2 months ago

    This is a joke, right? None of this games is creepy, not even close. You should try "Shinigami" from 2014. It is forbidden in the EU, the US and even Japan because of its massive disturbing effects to the perception of reality. As an experiment it was created by a group of scientists dealing with schizophrenia and paranormal events. In contrast to "Hellblade, Senua's sacrifice", which was a joke, the effects work damn well. This game has a very dramatic reputation even in underground circles. The trick here is that there are absolutely no patterns in the game that can give you a clue of what could happen next. And the "enemies", or lets say "the enemy" is absolutely terrifying to reasonable senses and its always present. If you want to keep your common sense and a good night sleep, DO NOT PLAY! But don't worry, I'm pretty sure you guys wont even get it.

  • SuperKillers666 2 months ago

    Resident evil 3. Cracked version. He was chasing me through 70% of all Doors and hit me with his bazooka outside of the freekin save room… wtf never ever again playing that version 👊👣👣👣

  • Dear One 2 months ago

    Without *Evil Within 2*, this list doesn't make sense! I almost died outta fear playing that!

  • PanzerBaren 2 months ago

    Ever play Fatal Frame?

  • Leon Trotsky 2 months ago

    I still have Alien:Isolation flashbacks

  • Eustace Cornwall 2 months ago

    Crippling fear? Are you serious? 😂

  • Kabir Singh Bhatia 2 months ago

    Doki Doki Literature club tops the list 😂😂😂

  • kenfromdetroit 2 months ago

    Fuck people with ptsd

  • kenfromdetroit 2 months ago

    Dark souls 3 on ur first play thru ever yep that did it for me

  • LightOfHope 2.0 2 months ago

    I played Outlast alone XD

  • Nukes for Dayz Nk 2 months ago


  • Gibson Vaughn 2 months ago

    until dawn would've made it as number 4 atleast on this list…IF IT WHERE ON MORE CONSOLES >:(

  • NIKHIL SHARMA 2 months ago

    List is perfect..😊👌

  • Madara Uchiha 2 months ago

    alien isolation is pretty horrorable

  • TheRealGunfish 2 months ago

    I'm sure someone could get PTSD from a game, you can probably get PTSD from a lot of different things. I got it small case of it from almost drowning once my wife got it from her tour in Iraq, but I will say if a game gives you PTSD then your life up until then has been pretty good and you should take comfort in that.

  • Mickey 16 2 months ago

    why do i watch this before bed..

  • Serjo Kaito 2 months ago

    Minecraft gave me nightmares

  • Jordan Page 2 months ago

    Lol so The Bakers are protagonists, huh? Lmao. Now that would be an interesting game.

  • Adit Gaming 2 months ago

    Forgot outlast

  • And Thereby Hangs a Tale 2 months ago

    If you like video games subscribe to my channel 🙂

  • Eva Karaivanova 2 months ago

    Soma isn't scary

    Thanks for the joke

  • Pyramid Head 2 months ago

    Silent Hill 3 really doesn't get any love does it?

  • AgeOfChange 2 months ago

    condemned is ok

  • Rabid Watchdog 2 months ago

    Why is fear not on this list

  • Squidward Tortellini 2 months ago

    More like crippling depression….am i the first one to make this joke?

  • Little Bi Girl 2 months ago

    Outlast 2 still gives me nightmares !!

  • Chuck green 2 months ago

    top 10 horror games that can cause crippling fear yeah, if you're a giant pussy hole.

  • Chris Estep 2 months ago

    Pac Man has actual ghosts.

  • Aurora borealis19 2 months ago

    Anybody else think they should’ve added siren to this list? I mean c’mon that game is pretty terrifying.

  • Damn son where'd you find this. 2 months ago

    I am new to horror games and I recently bought resident evil 7 (3 days ago) and I have never played outlast 2 so who am I to say but shouldn't it be higher? Even without virtual reality. The fact you can't fight back makes it so much more terrifying to encounter enemies imo.
    I mean the father would be way scarier if you just couldn't shoot him in the face a couple of times and have him fall on the ground for enough time to gtfo of there.
    Waste of ammo in the longrun I guess.

    But I guess I'll have to see because outlast 2 is my next horror game I believe. This far I have enjoyed resident evil 7.

    I thought I'd be more terrified tbh.

  • Sandra Weilbrenner 2 months ago


  • NIN JAlel 2 months ago

    has anyone played cry of fear , its the most interesting story in a horror game ever aand its deeply disturbing

  • chris kage 2 months ago

    this list sucks dick !

  • Lenny P 2 months ago

    No FEAR game was ever scary. It's a FPS with walking simulator horror scenes in between where all you can do is walk and you cannot die.

  • tessabessa13 2 months ago

    Have played all these games and although some are mega classics like silent hill 2 and dead space only outlast pt and resi7 in vr were genuinely scary.

  • cacofany1 2 months ago

    Where’s the evil within? It should be on this list.

  • semmosta ja 2 months ago

    I'm kinda sure that video games can't cause you anything more than a good scare,nothing like actual fear.

  • Lrdvltr 2 months ago

    >Alan Wake


  • TaroT D 2 months ago

    I'm offended at your use of the C word in the title

  • TeenageApple 513 2 months ago

    Horror games in a nutshell.

    You: Hello?
    Monster: Hello! 🙋
    You: EEEEEEHH! 😭
    Monster 2: He has a horror movie quality scream! Eats bloody pop corn

  • warfighter1988 2 months ago

    You have a weak spirit