The Moonlord is the secondary specialization class of the Swordmaster, the other being the Gladiator. Moonlords focuses on ranged attacks and magic damage.

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  • Stevanus Jonatan 3 months ago

    Enakan gladiator apa moonlord ya? Tolong beri nasihat om

  • jackinga 3 months ago

    What song ?

  • Dudz Villafuerte 3 months ago

    Whats the title of the background music?

  • Jed Villaranda 3 months ago

    are you playing using Cellphone or PC? if PC what are you using?

  • Alfred John Latumbo 3 months ago

    This is not a moonlord. This is a gladiator with moonblade dance. If you keep playing this way you lose moonlord power with splitter ex, nado ex, halfmon ex, etc. Better off using a gladiator for your playstyle.

  • Hendra Saputra 3 months ago

    no splitter, no cyclone, no cresent, no halfmoon, no great wave, no flash stance, are u a joke called moon lord.

  • alfan basyir 3 months ago

    kok gg ya

  • Sodaranya Gulingnya Ryanmando 3 months ago

    Gw tunggu Barba nya. Karna gw org BAR BAR.. Btw tu Joky or maen ndiri

  • Kern Yih Bong 3 months ago

    Warriors and assassins have so many engage and disengage skills. Its just busted. Other classes are taking the shaft.

  • Wah You Die 3 months ago

    Nice.. Warrior is My Heroes.. Good Luck.. !!!

  • Shiro Nir 3 months ago

    Kalo mau ganti job ke 3 mesti pake voucher yg dibeli pakai diamond kah??

  • Deny Argianto 3 months ago

    Moonlord like a gladiator

  • Ahmad Hilmay 3 months ago

    Mantapp. Buat destro atw barba donk bro

  • Shiro Nakiri 3 months ago

    Beb gw make GM rate 2350…kira2 bisa nyampe 2500 ga?? Ngidam gelar "Leader Master"

  • Danny Prasetiawan 3 months ago

    Moonlord tp skillnya kebnykan ambil gladiator

  • Apex Predator 3 months ago

    You are very lucky with the match making. I always fight with assassin gay runners, elemental lords and gear master.

  • Asami Lilith 3 months ago

    Thats alchemist play like engineer

  • Alvi Syahri 3 months ago

    Bang kalo buat pve enakan gl or moonlord?

  • Nitron X 3 months ago

    Is moonlord using magic attk like in pc or physical attk here?

  • Slayer Kester 3 months ago

    what do you think is better mercenary or swordmaster