Welcome to Clue / Cluedo, The Classic Mystery Game! Is there a difference between the two? Anyway, this is an online version of the game and none of us …

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  • ZeRoyalViking 2 months ago

    Clue? More like ClueLESS! Ha… hahaha

  • Spicy Lemon 2 months ago

    when he was trying to force information about the hall he already knew that it was the dining room

  • ILoveTN2000 2 months ago

    You had candlestick and dining room a while ago

  • Phase10Minecraft 2 months ago

    Dude, 4xs mean that is 100% garunteed it

  • I figured it out so quickly

  • Anon Minous 2 months ago

    This fucking guy is a noob…lol
    I solved it already before they did.

  • Andrew Rochester 2 months ago

    i figured it out at 23:10

  • Najemniczkas 2 months ago

    You had it solved like 30min in, but got too confused with your sheet xD

  • TheBeastVoltage 2 months ago

    A check is in a volume ea h Colum is a person and I'd it is checked they have the card that is in that row all x's mean that is the weapon and the room

  • patyos2 2 months ago

    Theres also alot of DLC game boards and themes etc.. plus more characters for each

  • speedy hedgehog 2 months ago


    Right when blue said no, you could have guessed it. Right there, right then

  • speedy hedgehog 2 months ago


    Yeah, no not how the game works. Just because you know that they are inocent does not mean that the card the other person showed was not them. The only way you could possibly know was if those two were YOUR cards. The dagger was not. Your accusations are dumb, and understanding is limited. I've only played this game once and it was when I was 8. Yeezus

  • speedy hedgehog 2 months ago

    This could have ended LONG LONG before, since literally nobody had lead pipe nor dining room, it was automatically those two. You knew this at the beginning, all you needed was the person

  • Ryan Hawkins 2 months ago

    My guess half way thru the video orchid candlestick and dining room

  • Robbie Månsson 2 months ago

    I know it Mrs. Peacock white a candlestick in the dining room

  • ASTROLAZER :YT 2 months ago

    42:03 ok u can clearly guess its orchid bcz orchid is row 3 conservetory is in plums and dagger in peacock which means orchid show plum herself

  • Hydroattack 2 months ago

    You can accuse yourself

  • Fitd Munki 2 months ago

    You coulda won soooooo many turns ago if you had went to the dining room and guessed one of the unconfirmed people with the candlestick. you would have know all three right there. because the candlestick and dining room are not held by anyone and you only needed 2 more people if you got shown the person you had guessed you could have accused the other one……….. -_-

  • Churro Solider 2 months ago

    Ze, some helpful information, if you have something narrowed down, like the person who is the murderer and you have a player card (like Colonel Mustard) then you can accuse him and the other players can show you either the weapon or the room.

  • sup yall 2 months ago

    The game clue was actually just a board game of a movie called Clue. The movie is really good, I recommend it.

  • Marshall Pires 2 months ago

    If one of the weapons has four X's on it, it means that that is the weapon. Same with everything else.

  • Marshall Pires 2 months ago

    22:55 I played the Clue board game once and Mr. Green looked like Usher. So instead of referring to him as "Mr. Green", I named him Usher.

  • Liamel 2 months ago


  • I was thinking about col. Mustard and when you said it I was kinda happy.