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  • Jahdiel Viruet 2 months ago

    Clash royale is the best

  • Bread Man 2 months ago

    What about pixel gun3d

  • Ice Cube 2 months ago

    Pubg has bots

  • Ditrix Genesis 2 months ago

    9 is either post cyberpunk or cyberprep

  • Unknown Animations 2 months ago

    Shadow gun legend’s gameplay sucks

  • Jotaro kujo 2 months ago

    Is fortnite really coming soon to android???

  • KEREM PG 2 months ago

    fortnite isn't android

  • Just saying

    Almost every kids like fortnite because it has cartoon graphic, free and building stuff plus kids hate good real life graphic quality

  • Light Yagami 2 months ago

    PUBG did not start he 100 player battle royale. The hunger games movies did and then the Minecraft hunger games did. Nice list but its biased

  • gamer cult 2 months ago

    I bet battle royales will die out before the end of next year

  • Puskal Shrestha 2 months ago

    There are lot of PUBG kids on this comment section (getting salty on fortnite sucess)
    If you are grown-up show it by your behavior. Every game has it pros and cons, you dont have to get salty on other game success.

  • Riley McGowan 2 months ago

    Is this top ten games or top ten RPGs?

  • BradHagplayz 2 months ago

    finally somebody else who likes fortnite and pubg

  • Nitharsan Kamalanathan 2 months ago

    How to download fornite on mobile please someone help me

  • Mason H is not my name 2 months ago

    What about h1z1

  • It's Mantis 2 months ago


  • _Jonizzz_ 2 months ago

    I like the people that say that PUBG makes no updates at all.. Well it's true, but when they make them, they're good, they don't add only one thing that nobody cares about. Yes, Fortnite does make alot of updates, but when i watch videos from like 2months ago and now i see no difference.

    P.S Don't even try to say that i'm dumb or something, that's just my opinion

  • Zecto Mask 2 months ago

    For once the thumbnail real this why I love you guys

  • The Great Papyrus 2 months ago

    Games for iOS that are shit. Why isn’t that the name?

  • Everyone is really bad at pubg mobile, I have played pubg like 3 times before on a PC and at my first match on mobile I finished with 12 kill and I won.

  • Pritam Ghosh 2 months ago

    Shadowgun is the Destiny of smartphones. Best game👍

  • The Flying Horse 2 months ago

    Where's my mobile legends? Over 100 million downloads

  • X Killer 2 months ago

    Shadowgun legends is very underrated
    I mean it is completely f2p you can finish it without spending a single dollar + it's a great shooter RPG game, it is similar to destiny
    It's such a great long-term game

  • Flash Freeze142 2 months ago

    And pubg wasn't the first like that h1z1 was

  • L1218 T1218 2 months ago

    My most Fav game is fortnite and Plug G vote what’s better

  • Ronnie Sarmiento 2 months ago

    Seriously you like pubg mobile than fortnite? Because you put pubg instead fortnite

  • DARK FLAME 23 2 months ago

    Fortnote is not in android

  • React Eternal 2 months ago

    H1Z1 started the BR hype train !!

  • Cipher Warbird 2 months ago

    Nope h1z1 was idiot