The 2017 end of year review for Racing Game enthuisiasts, discussing a few good points and a few bad ones in relation to Need For Speed Payback, Gran …

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  • Tonemack 2 months ago

    Personally I like GT Sport. It looks the best, it looks true to life especially watching the replays, and it drives the best. It's the best simulator when it comes to driving physics. I'm a true to life guy so I guess it's a preference thing simulation vs arcade fun. I honestly think GT sounds a lot better than people giving it credit for. Forza puts too much emphasis on the engine sounds as if the cars are already modified.The accuracy of sound is a set back compared to previous generation. Just drive an Integra Type R in Forza 6 and compare the sound in Forza 7 huge set back and that's just one of many cars. GT Sport is the only racing game when watching replays gives you that sound of the wind beating your car and around your car when it fly pass the camera it adds to the sense of speed. GT Sport does get stale though with the lack of dynamic weather and also lack of customization which is a big negative. Although Forza and Project Cars maybe more engaging I think the realness of GT Sports keeps me coming back I mean I seem to play it a lot more. I love looking at the shine and glow of the headlights and taillights the cutoff line when it comes to projector headlights I don't know it's just visually pleasing too me. I feel like someone is actually driving the car rather than controlling it from a game console.

  • Toyota4Life 2 months ago

    I just brought GT sport

  • I prefer the sound of PC2 over GT and forza for most cars and think they are more realistic, sure there are a few cars they dont get right but for the most part they are very good

  • mecca6801 2 months ago

    Good form sir, good form!!!

  • szewei85 2 months ago

    haha well said

  • FalconGamer 58 2 months ago

    I have to disagree with GT Sport "free DLC", just like NFS Payback, cars and features were missing, they were supposed to be in the game at launch but they weren't.

  • Sauron The Deceiver 2 months ago

    I'm thinking gt sport or nfs payback .

  • james ellis 2 months ago

    Bruv any ideas as to when thw skyline 2000gt is coming to nfs payback

  • Chris Davies 2 months ago

    good vids man . gts .. you can have a crazy fight for first position then save the stunning replay and watch when your having a well deserved joint

  • waights02 2 months ago

    It amazes me how you only have 12k subscribers but produce this kind of quality content.

  • Jason Ward 2 months ago

    You are incorrect with Forza 7 and gated content behind loot-boxes. The scenario you mentioned was a mod card that showed night race. All this card means is that you get a +60% to reward credits for your next night race. All the cards are a plus credit bonus for racing with specific abilities turned on/off, raining, night, whatever. In Forza Horizon 3, you were able to get + credit%'s by changing the difficulty. not with Forza 7, it has race mod cards. You nailed it on NFP: Payback. that game is a waste of money. I never should have bought it. Love your channel!

  • Anas Benz 2 months ago

    Play GT4 Pls

  • Rob Thompson 2 months ago

    You are so right about that I want to see the speed cards go I think they need to make it where you unlock parts then go and buy parts with upgrades with money I HATE THE SPEED CARDS it’s not realistic at all

  • Deniss Abramenko 2 months ago

    Check your facts on GT sports

  • Deniss Abramenko 2 months ago

    Totally agree about your points of Nfs

  • Jay Winter 2 months ago

    Freeroam MP comming 2018, but we need pushing for freeroam cops!

  • Anas Benz 2 months ago

    the weather changed during the race in GT6

  • Jaska V 2 months ago

    I hope the add a upgrade dlc for gran turismo sport

  • Chj 006 2 months ago

    Forza 7 small correction the nighttime cards don’t make it night they only give you a credit bonus for racing at night if you activate that mod, great points on all the games though

  • sneaker head 2 months ago

    Mario karts is the best racing game

  • sneaker head 2 months ago

    Need for speed payback is very disappointing, no online freerome and very num steering. But the most important bit is there is NO ONLINE FREEROME

  • alan vazquez 2 months ago

    NFS payback copied the crew

  • The other "No" dude 2 months ago

    I personally feel the game feels "Too blue" sometimes. It may just be me… Not that this is a huge issue or anything like that.

  • IArkhamArsenalXx 2 months ago

    Nice video, i own both Xbox and PS4 but I haven't tried GT so I will be buying that over forza7 but I do love horizon titles

  • You're right about NFSU2 customization, ALL of the body kits parts (spoiler and bumpers) were ugly as fuck and same for every car. We should stop praising this part of the game since we were childs and biased toward nostalgia.

  • Kdogg788 2 months ago

    For GTS how could you not mention the always online aspect? There are a lot of people who are afraid once the servers go down the game will be effectively shut down. You have to be online just to save.

  • Andris Osītis 2 months ago

    Sorry but you are wrong about underground 2 customization,it had 20 or so options in every category and 4 custom bodykits for each car.Plus things like tuning,the speciality shop with all options and overall, everything is more in NFS U2

  • ShadowDMC1 2 months ago

    Rain might be added in GT Sport's future. There are Rain/Wet tires in the game already, so I'm sure they're planning on adding it in future.

  • TheGameLoop 2 months ago

    For me this year has had 3 good racing games and 2 ok ones. Payback is a massive improvement over 2015, PC2 is a big improvement over PC1 and DIRT 4 is god-like against Rally. GT Sport is good but still doesn't keep me interested for long enough and Forza 7 has a lot of issues that bug me but is still alright.

  • poetikinjustice 2 months ago

    Midnight -? You've talked about it enough, and it has plenty of quirks that will allow you to showcase your brand of funny and interesting. Is it wrong of me that I would love to see you struggle your way through Dirt 4?

    Can't speak for others, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing you improve. Most streamers show off how awesome they are (and that cool) but I don't have that type of time to invest, so as someone with a job, family, and other responsibilities I enjoy watching your play-throughs because they don't looks dissimilar to my own.

  • Breyzipp 2 months ago

    Enjoyable video and I agree with many points…. but! Forza 7 doesn’t have dynamic weather the way Project Cars 2 has, let aside dynamic day and night cycles which are completely absent. The only thing Forza 7 has is some tracks have a dynamic rain map, meaning that over the course of the race the weather changes from dry to rain and back, or a combination of that. Also on the negative side of GT Sport I would mention the lacking track roster. Talking about GT:Sport, I am not so sure that all future DLC are free. Yes the start of free updates and DLC is that way but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future there will be payed extra content as well.

  • poetikinjustice 2 months ago

    Forza 7: Good game on its own, bad when looked at in through the prism of being 7. It lacks a theme. Forza 6 tried to be everything for every track racing fan. This game tries to do the same but feels like its leaner than 6. The presentation on one hand is streamlined, but on the other hand is poorer than 6. The idea of the championship is cool, but they game us less content. The various racing series lack a true nice theme. It seems like they gave us less single player content to herd us towards online leagues… Actually thats exactly what they've done. In a weird sort of way 7 made me play 6 more.

  • suicidal guy 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video. I was hoping someone would make a video comparing all of them.

  • I dont know my name 2 months ago

    Bro I love your vids I hope you make such good vids in 2018

  • Asamur 2 months ago

    Fantastic work, mate

  • Rice Cooker 2 months ago

    nfs payback is def the best on that list and iv played them all, its simply beautiful…….and fun

  • EL3GYFighter 2 months ago

    Until now I held back to buy GT Sport, because I just was not impressed by the Beta. Plus it was Online Only back then. Now that I hear that it is playable offline and that free content is coming I‘ll definitely consider buying it.

    Same was with Payback actually. Sure, I said it‘d be the only racing game I‘d buy this year, but with the info coming out closer to release (No Free Roam Cops, No Free Roam Multiplayer) I refused at first aswell. Though tbh now, also with the sale going on, I went out and bought it, and tbh, I’m not disappointed. I have 8 hours in, am only at the beginning of Chapter 3. I just hope that Ghost really does listen and add Free Roam Cops and Multiplayer (and ofcourse many more things).

    So my list of Racing games this year;

    NfS Payback
    (soon) GT Sport

  • CellRazor1440p60fps 2 months ago

    pls dont point out a problem as a majority thought, becouse someone people might like something but now they feel like a minority

  • CellRazor1440p60fps 2 months ago

    i like the speedcards makes it more rewarding to races. U get monet but also away to improve your car without wasting your money alot of the times

  • Patrick Carlotti 2 months ago

    Hi and happy new year Man !!! What is your favorite racing game ??

  • David young 2 months ago

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 is going to bring us boy racers. Lovin’ the idea of GT Wednesday It’s like waiting for the next episode of your favourite tv programme. I hope that GT brings more campaign and dynamic weather in 2018. I would have liked you to take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green…. for retro Sunday but instead I thought driver will be a better option as there is so much more you could do with it. However I imagine that you could change it up during a mid season break? Thanks again bourne

  • poetikinjustice 2 months ago

    Payback, for me, was a couple steps forward and many steps back. I love the feels it gave me early one, I liked the look, even didn't hate the story. BUT BUT BUT its super shallow, the story was not finished, the crews were not fleshed out, your own crew was not fleshed out and the world is barren. AND AND AND the F'in upgrade cards! Stupid EA's stupid cash grab in the most un-inspired and ugliest way possible. I've mentioned this before after one of your vids: If they put the type of work The Crew did and improve the game all around, it might redeem itself a tiny bit.

  • GTS teaches you how to be a better driver. Forza exposes you to a HUGE variety of vehicles. PC 2 takes what you learned in those two and apples it to atom-perfect tracks and in spot-on cars. Personally, I play all of these and enjoy them all. GTS is getting VERY close to GT4 in terms of how great and memorable it is. I don’t really care how good or bad the driving physics are, but I think “if I grew up with this instead of GT4, would I like it more or less”? Up until this point, NO other racing game has come close, but GTS is a hair of customization and a few cars away from that coveted title. At first, I was upset, but now I’m really impressed.

  • Nine's And AK's 2 months ago

    Is that an Evo 7 in the thumbnail?

  • RiotRacer 2 months ago

    NFS Payback is amazing! I love it and I have so many videos pre recorded for it.

  • Derively 2 months ago

    NFS Payback was the best in my opinion.

  • I'm sorry but I refuse to buy Forza 7, with the whole loot boxes and some of the progression being tied with the loot boxes just made me leave this series as a whole.

    yes I know that the loot boxes can not be paid with real money but it's going to be added on a later date and that is reason I leave this series.

  • lightningninja77280 2 months ago

    What ever happened to midnight club and motor storm

  • Kevin M 2 months ago

    Got Payback, FM7 & PC2 and I gotta say all three are BEAUTIFUL

  • dutty sushi 2 months ago

    I think freeroaming multiplayer should be an optional thing tho, because I personally prefer to be alone in freeroam for the most part, but I do agree that it should be added somewhere