Strange Terror is by the dev that did Tunky and Bunky! I also tried two other games, but y i k e s.

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  • Dave Microwaves Animations 2 months ago

    5:13 I know I answered your question on twitter about the UE4 thing, but I'll just post it here for the viewers to see in case they're curious aswell. I actually never used Unity. I've been using UE4 for all the 3D games I've made, though I did try out Unity back in 2016 but ditched it in favor of UE4.

    Anyway, thanks for trying out Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Yoshi Fan 2 months ago

    Wait wasn't his first game 3AM at the krusty krab

  • Pedro Garcias 2 months ago

    It's like an adorably terrifying Play Mobil version of Alien.

  • dahurpderp 2 months ago

    Cute Sweeney Todd reference at the end tho

  • Doug D 2 months ago

    Twitch didn't notify me >:(

  • Antiheroine13 2 months ago

    Sweeney Todd!!!! Lol

  • StarsinRain 2 months ago

    I really appreciate the different sound choices for the environment and "scary monster is near" moments since it helps fit with the game's mood and it's not another generic "ambient horror noises" and such 🙂

  • Laura Whittaker 2 months ago

    Why was there Mrs Lovetts pie shop from Sweeney Todd in the 3rd game?? And the weeping angels from Dr Who… wow.

  • WindiiKill 2 months ago

    14:50 i’m pretty sure that’s blues clues or something, lol

  • Megan Farncomb 2 months ago

    That third game though XD . . . Don't blink.

  • Marcus Byrd 2 months ago

    No Max won't let us do that

  • Parker Ward 2 months ago

    Man the first game is awesome! Hope to see more of it!

  • Dynasti Ortiz 2 months ago

    The first game is adorable 😭 it’s kinda like a low version of Minecraft

  • Uriel Grey 2 months ago

    Kravin, which is the best way to subscribe to you? aka which pays YOU the most? I'm a patron but I want to give to you on the one with the max money to you 🙂

  • Eugene Minton 2 months ago

    didnt much care for the first one, second one is like a mix of slender and shrek, and the third is like a weeping angels episode of doctor who….LOL

  • Uriel Grey 2 months ago

    woo go Kravin Go!! all the thumbs up for you 🙂 Hope your back is feeling better!!

  • 83elemental 2 months ago

    Pretty sure those were Weeping Angels from Doctor Who…alrighty then.

  • CynicalGhosties 2 months ago

    We need a block monster that's a basketball star named Dunky

  • zach the moth 2 months ago

    perfect timing, i was just about to chill and watch some youtube 😎

  • Ms. Stephiy 2 months ago

    The 1st game is cute lol

  • cheyanne basey 2 months ago

    I'm so early!!😭🙃🙃😍💕 I love you Kravin!!!