This list are the most highly played and active multiplayer First Person Shooters (FPS) games for Android. From Team Battles, Deathmatches and Capture the …

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  • XPERT GAMING! 3 months ago

    Top 10 Best FPS ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Games For Android 2017 [UPDATED]:

  • Ej De Guzman 3 months ago

    You stole my 4 best online games unkilled,gunsofboom, maskgun, shadowgun and dont steel my horror game granny or you could make horror games movie

  • - LightBolt Gaming 3 months ago

    Bullet force Was the best 1 out of all them

  • Satriyaa1 3 months ago

    Did u forget Block Strike
    That's is best Pixelated FPS Strike

  • GamesMobile 3 months ago

    Vc n tem gosto para jogos

  • Sword Art Online 3 months ago

    Brothers in arms online it is cool u can even drive a tank and world war heroes

  • Hiển Bầu 3 months ago

    Online, support gamepad

  • BgDzVideo 2fou 3 months ago

    MilkChoco it's good

  • Prophetic Warrior 3 months ago

    Forward assault is the best

  • Soft Rock 3 months ago

    Shadowgun deadzone is the best!!!

  • Gon iu 3 months ago

    music 00:12

  • Cutie Kate 3 months ago

    nothing can beat mc5 and mc versus.

  • Cheeseman 3 months ago

    „best“ in the titel and hardline in the thumbnail

  • ItzAnshu TM 3 months ago

    Why afterpulse is not available for India

  • jitendra singh 3 months ago

    You people's are stupid that saying for bullet force..once go for modern combat 5, it's amazing in multiplayer..all games are sucks in front of this

  • Marco Agas 3 months ago

    GREAT VIDEO XPERT GAMING! I almost quitted the video when I feel like Modern Combat 5 is not going to be nominated. But everyone should know the game is developed in year 2013 and released 2014. I can't believe it's competing graphically, game contents (Multiplayer, modes, maps, story, weapon customization) also the attention to detail (blood, gun fire flashes, gps) to games developed this years

  • Khevish Kasory 3 months ago

    Mc5 is the best

  • PB 08 PRODUCTIONS 3 months ago
  • SA30- All in one 3 months ago

    Hey tell me some game in which we able to speak with friends like free fire battleground.

  • Boris stone 3 months ago

    critical ops is the best

  • xXBIO gamingXx 3 months ago

    I got here because of the thumbnail

  • LIL MELANCHOLY 3 months ago

    Name of instrumental????!

  • Exciting game 3303 3 months ago

    Subscribe ya channel saya Exciting game

  • LAND MINE 3 months ago

    Thumbnailed it

  • iNinjaElitE x 3 months ago

    bullet force is the best realistic and fun android game.

  • Catventure 3 months ago

    Dont ever do clickbait

  • FoxBoy [MLT] 3 months ago

    Some have bad graphics

  • unknown gamer P u t 3 months ago

    Dont you know Crisis Action game?

  • Ridam pagi 3 months ago

    Hey i liked bullet party 2 but is there any other download after the app is downloaded

  • ɴᴜɢɢれʊggモ匕 3 months ago

    Nobody Ever mentions Block Strike

  • Emerson Pereira De Albuquerque Emerson 3 months ago

    Propaganda enganosa uuuuuuu👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎✍️👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • wwe full show on demand 3 months ago

    best moderncombat 5 h 3 saal se khel rha hu lekin yaar kabhi uninstall karne ka man nhi kiya…

  • Suresh Nehra 3 months ago


  • Suresh Nehra 3 months ago

    bhai an sabhe me se ak game battade plzz mai

  • Suresh Nehra 3 months ago

    bhai an sabhe me se ak game battade plzz mai

  • Elvin Resulzade 3 months ago

    0:00 muzic name??

  • Greice Lungen 3 months ago

    Queres the standoff 2 ?

  • Demented Glitcher 3 months ago

    The best things in life are free

  • YounGPCoder Gaming 3 months ago

    Install Standoff 2 is the bestt game I swear just install it you will not regret.

  • Mehboob Hussain 3 months ago

    Critical ops best!