Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Daily Race: Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa Many reckless drivers in this race, but I still managed to win the race Watch the full race, …

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  • luki47 GT 2 months ago

    Wrong guy…

  • luki47 GT 2 months ago

    Well that comment was useless

  • luki47 GT 2 months ago

    The reckless guy is from Croatia as well as me, and I can tell you this guy is driving on a racing wheel and he's from Šibenik and the drivers there are the worst.

  • frsfth25 2 months ago

    damn, why are toxic and cancerous drivers always everywhere, sigh, they must be erased from existence. i feel so bad for you, bro. damn those guys, curse them

  • kyrsä 2 months ago

    Fucking Finnish bastard!

  • Thadd Corbett 2 months ago

    I have no clue how to saved yourself on that corner.

  • Renzo Orpiada 2 months ago

    I just hope you protect the inside more. Most of them got you there. Nonetheless good job mate

  • Not You 2 months ago

    wow your sr goes down even though you got hit…

  • DJDABASAURUS Gaming 2 months ago

    Nani? Kansei Dorifto at 3:52

  • Caemgen420 Mo chara 2 months ago

    👏🏻 great recovery on lap 2 💪🏻

  • Matthew Millward 2 months ago

    That's exactly why you don't break before the finishing line, good clean win

  • DeadOn Arrival 2 months ago

    3:53 wow nice safe!!!

  • WAT a Fucking save man …. 😊

  • bika 3003 2 months ago

    Dont mind me, but some gtsport players are REALY reckless

  • Loafchail Bloke 2 months ago

    S P O R T M A N S H I P

  • Kon Tiki 2 months ago


  • Alexandria Flores 2 months ago

    Its a constant fucking thing

  • Frost Gamer 2 months ago

    That drift save was so satisfying. Too bad 1 of the rammers finished ahead of you.
    EDIT: nevermind just saw the penalty. Congratz

  • Muhammad Agus Budiawan 2 months ago

    Very good driving you got there…congratulations

  • Raezer 2 months ago

    2:02 you weren't even a part of the accidnet and your SR lowered?

  • Christer Hiort 2 months ago

    That save bro ! Insane. And then later, before the chicane you get hit and it propels you advance up to second I believe it was. Great video

  • Crazy Driver2005 2 months ago

    3:52 best skid ever

  • Epic Hell 2 months ago

    Were is the nomber 1 ?😂😂😂😂🏆

  • Gary Hignett 2 months ago

    That guy in front on the end got bunked back to 3rd after getting a penalty for putting the brakes on just before the line haha justice to him!

  • And people actually complain about the penalty system… Stfu

  • Vittu aina saa hävetä tollasia mulkkuja… naru kaulaa tollasille mulkuille

  • griffith0322 2 months ago

    Id say ya did pretty good. And yea. I find people like that still. Drives me nuts. But i do find alot of good racers too. But 60% trash 12 year olds. Nice driving and video

  • Triumphant 2 months ago

    Really clean and consistent driving. I’m blown away by some of the drivers in GTS

  • RandomDan97 2 months ago

    3:50 that save tho

  • sharkskinracing 2 months ago

    nice win

  • Leigh Price 2 months ago

    it was like being on a night out and you're the only sober guy in the place!

  • Jamie Bunsell 2 months ago

    I ram everyone. Try and overtake and they run you off the track.
    If you see a black car with a pink bonnet that has ‘MOVE BITCH’ written on it, it’s me and you’re heading into the Armco!

  • Alessio Tasco 2 months ago

    Whaaaat a saaaaave

  • Its the crap penalty system of Gt sport. I regret that i spent my money on this Bullshit. No improvement in comparison with the oldest titles and the most important there is No comparison with project cars which is far much better in everything!!! DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY GUYS ON THIS BULLSHIT WHICH IS CALL GRAN TURISMO SPORT '' THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR'' HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA YES RIGHT!!!

  • school_prison 2 months ago

    honestly seeing how gt sport players play versus forza 7 players makes me want to cry. you guys are so clean and respectful of one another and i really appreciate that. meanwhile in FM7 theres some low leveled chucklefuck in a car he cant handle always plowing into the rear of the entire pack in the first corner of the race and ruining it for the rest of us

  • Jesse Thompson 2 months ago

    LMAO how he tries to brake check you at the end to run down his 4 second penalty for 1st position

  • Luxana 2 months ago

    damn, props to you for the great save. ^^ nice driving skills.

  • Guilherme Dias 2 months ago

    This guys think they’re playing forza or something you deserve that win man very good driving!

  • illiterate thug 2 months ago

    Honestly that's the first dirty Scandinavian I've seen on this game, they are usually absolutely brilliant to race against, especially the Finns

  • Ferran Cabrera Montoliu 2 months ago

    glad to know that these people will never pay an iRacing license

  • XGameshoundX 2 months ago

    Dude blocking the GTR's in 2nd lap and act like they are the one's driving recklessly.

  • Wray Smith 2 months ago

    i just subbed to your channel

  • Wray Smith 2 months ago

    That was pretty good driven i thought you were not going to take first , that was awesome , well done !

  • JaxRwld 2 months ago

    Rubbin's Racin Yall