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  • nintendoluigi 7 hours ago

    When it comes to Remakes, REmake may actually be the best one ever created. The improvements, music, the polish, the expansion of lore and all of these enhancements only made the experience A+(+) and still managed to RESPECT the original property. Unlike cheap Cash-Grab upscalings which are popular these days, REmake was a fucking passion project and made the first game utterly obsolete. REmake is the DEFINITIVE Version of RE1 – which is what ALL remakes should strive to be. It was simply lightning in a bottle…

    Hopefully the RE2 REmake follows this model of excellence, it looks great judging by the E3 2018 demo – but lightning never strikes twice in the same spot, I hope it can rise above and become truly great enough to eclipse the original.

  • Ball ofgrime 7 hours ago

    So if everything went according to Wesker's plan, why does he have a grudge against Chris in Code Veronica?

  • Nick Holloway 7 hours ago

    Kind of wish when I played the remastered version on the Xbox that the zombies were as docile and avoidable as the ones in this vid, I swear when i was playing they were sort of running after me… don't remember this in original…. was way harder that the original too

  • Dudu Lira 7 hours ago


  • Dudu Lira 7 hours ago

    This game still one of the best survivor horror ever

  • I remember I attempted to beat the game without using any typewriter to save, pure speedrun, then in the final fight with Lisa I started dropping the four rocks to open her mom's casket, she hit me and I fell off, I still feel the pain I felt years ago when this game came to GameCube, so close!

  • domformula1 7 hours ago

    What is the post-main story shoot em up with Wesker all about? I've genuinely never seen that.

  • Mountain Dew Confirmed 7 hours ago

    Does the remaster not let you play as Rebecca to get serum or mix V jolt?

  • Crazy A1 7 hours ago

    When he walked over that zombie, though XD

  • Da Wolf 7 hours ago

    Love this walkthroughs, not like speed runs

  • Krid Adounsattapong 7 hours ago

    It says we หน้าโง่ ว่ะ

  • Gage Michael Weaver 7 hours ago

    The music at the start made me think of walking dead and I thought I clicked the wrong thing

  • Spenser Farman 7 hours ago

    Does that five stars in the video title represent your game performance?

  • Rob Kearsy 7 hours ago

    REmake is as good as any of the sequels in my mind I'll take this over The Redneck Mansion in RE 7.

  • Rob Kearsy 7 hours ago

    They did a great job remaking this game cause they kept what worked in the original but added stuff that made it different.

  • azraelbatosi 7 hours ago

    I kinda like Chris without 50 inch biceps

  • Esteban Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    That did not sound like Moonlight Sonata .-.

  • The illuminati Gamer459 7 hours ago

    Can u do a resident evil remastered video with Chris and Jill campaign in one video please

  • Eric Klimek 7 hours ago

    Those crimson heads must be a nightmare

  • John Allison II 7 hours ago

    for a game released in the 90's this had some great graphics and a good story.

  • WorldWideRandomProductions 7 hours ago

    Just realized that every time you get hurt by a walker, you are getting bitten. So why aren't any STARS members turning within hours of the Spencer Mansion incident?

  • Rob Kearsy 7 hours ago

    Great game SHN love that your channel is dedicated to just survival horror games.

  • Dark-Vision-Art-Design 7 hours ago

    30:40:03 ZOMBIE-PENIS! 🙂

  • Dark-Vision-Art-Design 7 hours ago

    2:11:24 Best scene lol

  • Bryan Lu 7 hours ago

    Great game! And thanks for upload this awesome walkthrough. After all these years,it still scared the shit outta me when playing alone

  • Chris Walker 7 hours ago

    I think Raccoon City is located in The Ozarks.

  • Chris Walker 7 hours ago

    They're probably gonna add crimson heads to the RE2 remake.

  • GodOfWar221 7 hours ago

    I'm told that Chris's story, is actually harder than Jill's in this game. Can anyone confirm, or deny this fact?

  • I love that for the past few minutes you've been hearing the self-destruct code and then here comes Rebecca: "the self-destruct system has been activated!"

  • Henshin Go 7 hours ago

    I really want to see where Jill hugging Chris when he saved her. I just realised it is not in this video version.

  • Resident Evil Code Veronica Best Game Ever 7 hours ago

    SHN Survival Horror Network how about doing a remaster of code veronica only using these graphics……i think it would look amazing!!

  • Spectre0-1 7 hours ago

    you're really a pro in Resident Evil series! 😁

  • Thoeny65 7 hours ago

    I wanna find a walkthrough for Chris but 80% of people play as Jill and she is a retard thanks for making one with chris I really appreciate it

  • George Gates 7 hours ago

    Umm. Who's tending the candles and the fireplace??

  • Андрей Клименко 7 hours ago


  • Slaughtercult 7 hours ago

    Residetn Evil 2 remake incoming TGS 2017

  • dragoness615 7 hours ago

    Ah, good ol' Brad "Chickenheart" Vickers…

  • Joshin’ 7 hours ago

    Where is Barry Burton?

  • raziel1847 7 hours ago

    Where did you get the beginning intro for the song at the start of the video

  • Ricky Valentine 7 hours ago

    reapers at the end