A ranking of the highest-rated role-playing games for the last 10 years on the PC. Get these awesome games order now! ORDER: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim …

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  • rohan basu 2 months ago

    Google RPG retard

  • Boris Kanev 2 months ago

    Dude you seems to be just a rich kid with a new fast PC. The real best PRGs are much more than 10 – but not only these, no no no….

  • Animex انيمكس 2 months ago

    من من رؤسهنىبيياافقعغففنارهسهللييترعيهيننربيهيهيصخم بهصهبخثهرننبنبهصمؤتىمسنرمىهصىنسهىنبهىعخشمىخسخةمينةايابهسهسهسهيخخىىملمههلنيخخسخشخحؤنرزويايعثغعسممشمنتننقببس

  • Gaming Dentist 2 months ago

    you missed the witcher should be on number 2 if not 1

  • TheMiG96 2 months ago

    GOTHIC 1,2,3 ???

  • OnkelFolie 2 months ago

    Nobody talks about Kingdoms of Armalur: Reckoning why?

  • Izzkka 2 months ago

    Undertale Is My Personal Favourite Of All Games Existing Out There, But "To The Moon" Was Also a Cool Game. And I Think I'm Gonna Try South Park The Stick Something.

  • I roll a Stoney. 2 months ago

    You having a laugh? That list was pathetic.

  • Vrosh Abhisam 2 months ago

    Witcher 3 still seems empty compared to Skyrim.

  • Adil Ahmad 2 months ago

    Yes skyrim is 1

  • clash wid SHAHIR 2 months ago

    where is dota???

  • Kezo lastname 2 months ago

    Loved skyrim and all of Bethesda's RPGs, but The witcher 3 easily trounces it!…This is why I never consider industry-level reviews as legit.

  • Ryan Eichner 2 months ago olha esse RPG ai galera qualquer pc roda mano é muito bom o jogo e novo etc… mt top cara tem uns sistema mt louco! ou o FPS

  • Jillur Rahman 2 months ago

    What about Baldur's Gate?

  • Gur deep 2 months ago

    Who the fuck gave this guy 300k+ subscribers? He does not even know the difference between RPG, action and adventure games. Well atleast he did not include need for speed in his so called "RPG" list

  • Mr Jizargo 2 months ago

    Why does dust look like a sonic deviantart character

  • Nairolf90 2 months ago

    sorry mate but yea this IS personal opinion or (not competent research) which you stated to be just facts. The way you took the raw data of ratings without interpretation just shows how much of an actual relevant base of facts this lacks. I mean please: Skyrim top 1? Just because people liked it a lot it would never make top 3 in a really wellfledged neutral list. it might ve been top 10 back then, but the simple fact that divinity: original sin, mass effect 2, fallout: new vegas and the witcher 2: assassins of kings are behind skyrim and sometimes even behind shadow of mordor shows how much expertise is lost here on you. Also that you advice others to order those "awesome" games now makes me wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind this video. i mean just to be clear i dont agree with the people who say that SoM is not RPG since it clearly has the basic RPG elements which make it an RPG. But just because it has the basic elements of an RPG and a greater fanbase as other games doesnt make it a better game. And thats what makes me so furious about your statement that youre being completly objective AND competent about this list.

  • Anujoy Mukherjee 2 months ago

    Dark Souls. wow, how did u not come across that.

  • Andreas Aldal 2 months ago

    M&B Warband?

  • hepzibah 2 months ago

    Please go fuck yourself. Most games in this list aren't even rpgs and are mediocre games in their own right. Shadow of Mordor or bastion don't belong in any top ten lists, much less rpgs.

  • ARKIO 5896 2 months ago

    I dont think you get what R-P-G means.

  • Alex Cyan 2 months ago

    When I saw that Dragon Age Origins wasn't in this list I had to press the dislike button

  • skocan 2 months ago

    this list is just lazy work…. Put everything what is tagged "RPG" just because there is some rpg element into list of best RPGs is just stupid. Like rly? South park is better RPG than Witcher? I have chanell to avoid now.

  • epicwarding 2 months ago

    i hate all of these games

  • Dragonborn 2 months ago

    I know why Dark souls didn't make this list.
    Its because of pussy casual gamers, who can't take the challenge the game brings to them.

  • GlassesGuy Game Analyst 2 months ago

    I have never watched this channel, but after a couple of videos I noticed this guy puts the same games on every top list, I've seen New vegas Dark Soul Skyrim so many times that I don't know if I should trust his top 10's, he didn't even put Diablo or Diablo 2 on any top PC games videos

  • ponczekus 2 months ago

    Nie napisze po angielsku bo nie, ale to zestawienie to kupa.