This is my first video that I’ve ever filmed and edited of myself so I felt what better way to start off the channel than some of my all time favourite top 5 PS2 Horror …

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  • Electronic Music Visual 5 hours ago

    i like your channel (new) kisses from tijuana mexico you are beatifull

  • Felipe Mora 5 hours ago

    I fell in love with rule of rose, I had to replay de game and search information to understand all the plot :3 the story is so deep and memorable, it gives one of the best experiences.

  • vindsvale 5 hours ago

    Silent Hill 2 ??!!!

  • Great list! Can't wait to try some of the titles out.

  • steve5123456789 5 hours ago

    Did you like the silent hill series? I liked your video you should make more.

  • Soniya Sharma The Desi Girl 5 hours ago

    love it

  • BissjeTommy 5 hours ago

    Ohhh I REMEMBER Haunting Ground! I loved that game. The dog was sooo cool and it was really scary with some of the enemies

  • PrayLordOdin 5 hours ago

    I hope you will post more video like this one! I never played horror games on older consoles so it was nice to discover those games!

  • AshXXMayftw 5 hours ago

    Never been much of a horror buff myself, but I've dabbled from time to time. Played Amnesia 1 and 2, Dreadout, Fatal Frame Maiden of Dark Water, Corpse Party.

  • TrickGoonier 5 hours ago

    Anyone else getting those Aubrey Plaza vibes?

  • nigel gear 5 hours ago

    Cool review! Also what the hell? 6:47 what happend to his face xD hahahaha

  • Brian Shray 5 hours ago

    Good job Layna. Only problem is the audio is super low.

  • Benjamin Widdowson 5 hours ago


  • deathripper12345 5 hours ago

    Awesome video!! Hope to see more in the near future

  • Toy_Enthusiast 5 hours ago

    Great list and our video editing styles are similar 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 sprinkle le memes. Dabing Miku 😂

  • KitMagnification 5 hours ago

    Thanos for the vid, Layna! I watched this with my partner and they thought for sure Silent Hill 2 would have made your list. They were surprised to see games they'd never heard of on your list so thanks for exposing them to more names in the horror genre. 😀

  • HDZ274 5 hours ago

    Be gentle with that Rule of Rose it's like a $150 game now.

  • This is so awesome i like it keep it up!!

  • Frank Aliberti 5 hours ago

    Top 5 of all time or Top 5 of PS2? How about games like Outlast and Resident Evil?

  • The Fawkes Den 5 hours ago

    Oh man, I haven't thought about these games in a looooong while. Great lineup and, in my opinion, arguably some of the best ps2 games overall

  • it was great, loved it!

  • nbdante 5 hours ago

    I really like it! like the those small video and the jokes! but I think more of your Twitch quirkiness would make it even better… congrats on the 1st one and good continuation!!

  • ahsen hussain 5 hours ago

    video voice is low


  • André Nolandi 5 hours ago

    Fatal Frame 2 is definitely in my list too! XD

  • Jean Kirstein 5 hours ago

    U should post more oftennnnn love your stufff :)) <3