Today we’re taking a spooky look at the spookiest spooks of spooky 2017. Spooky! Website: Twitter: @Cliqist Patreon: …

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  • D.DoT-Z 2 months ago

    Maybe this will be a good list….

    Has Japanese/anime games on it


  • Joyful Death 2 months ago

    I definitely added some of these games to my "have to play" list!! Thanks for making this list!!

  • Hey people, I'm looking for an indie horror game that I can't find anymore (I saw a video on YouTube several month ago). It was a game about phobia (psychological horror) and I remember trypophobia-skinned humanoid creature with spider-like arms with erratic movements. Your characters have a gun (so you can fight) and somewhere in the game there was a room filled with TVs (with eye on the screens). Does somebody has clues ?

  • RTNANDEZ96 2 months ago

    Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn is a great horror game that was released last year. Surprised it wasn't on the list.

  • Master of X Rank Gamers 2 months ago

    I loved your vid i liked how you described the games also how it was put together and the backstory really gave it a good feeling on which games i would personally like so i loved the top 10;D

  • Ftm REBEL 2 months ago

    Awesome choices man!

  • Rytis Šilinga 2 months ago

    I must say, I was really expecting to see Darkwood in this list.
    Interesting video nontheless.

  • An Lieu 2 months ago

    Please take it easy on the quick cut. It is so distracting.