SUBSCRIBE TODAY: A horrible, monotone, 3rd person shooter where you shoot down lawyers in cold blood. The environments are copy …

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  • NekketsuKouha DoubleDragon 2 months ago

    AVGN forgot to review this in his "AVGN Games" video.

  • matrixlone 2 months ago


  • Neluk Medej 2 months ago

    angry vidia game nerd

  • LX Music 2 months ago

    This Game is bad because it was made with the 3D Game Maker. Just try the 3D Game Maker and you know why Class Action Killers sucks.

  • WillieManga 2 months ago

    Oh come on, whoever made this. We already have a lot of AVGN games better than this!

  • 1787dude 2 months ago

    Ps1 looked better lol, that looks like a really shitty n64 game. 

  • Raging karma 2 months ago

    I am surprised he did not see the correlation between this game and chicks gone wild.

  • MrAndrewrock 2 months ago

    lawyers are evil i tell you

  • Optima1Ki11erHK 2 months ago

    The AVGN with a gun……. I guess he played a shitty game and got mad and killed the people who are in the company who made the game.

  • janmansde3dede 2 months ago

    Aww come on, its freeware.. there really any good reason to act angry here then. Yeah its for comedy I know but it doesn't work very well here because of that.

  • Sparx Xraps 2 months ago

    lol i have 3d game maker that made this and it is freakin awful

  • Dan the shredder 2 months ago

    Made by the 3d game maker engine this is awful

  • TezzerethPrime 2 months ago

    Parallaxing ceiling texture, and boom, instant cityscape.

  • Andrew Miller 2 months ago

    the end boss looks like a giant pee wee herman lol

  • Firelit 🔥🕊 Inspiration 2 months ago

    @3:45 Was that a Carl Sagan reference? :O

  • The Shotgun Gamer 2 months ago

    If the main character in this game is the AVGN, then the lawyers must work for LJN.

  • Brad Bubics 2 months ago

    Class action hero: the game about nothing!

  • NBANEWSANDMEMES.30 2 months ago

    2.75 out 10

  • NBANEWSANDMEMES.30 2 months ago

    This like a maze of nothingness.

  • forrest stalvey 2 months ago

    I actually wish most games that didn't need jumping had jumping

  • bpomatto 2 months ago

    it being?

  • Youtube Red Subscription Service - Subscribe and pay me 10 bucks a month 2 months ago

    Of course there's no comment about it, It's common knowledge that lawyers explode when they die!

  • torogami2 2 months ago

    I took a semester of software programming in high school. I could have made this game more in depth.

  • 0x00FF00 2 months ago

    Yeah, I still have it, it sucks more balls than ballz 3D.

  • Cypurr 2 months ago

    Ware can i get this game lol

  • NowakVulpix 2 months ago

    No comment about how the enemies explode upon dying?

  • fatty mcfatterson 2 months ago

    This is clearly Max Payne 4. Leaked footage.

  • ThePimpMacDaddy 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure a child can make something better than this. A child would have even made some kind of plot, it would have been silly but it would be there.

  • Coldlucidity 2 months ago

    These games really make me appreciate a bunch of other games out there, lol.

  • bloodrunsclear 2 months ago

    Max Fees: The Man With Nothing to Gain

  • The Shotgun Gamer 2 months ago

    At 0:16 he sounded like the TF2 engineer when he says "nope".

  • zZKaZuRaZz 2 months ago

    Whoever designed this game must have some serious fucking psychopathic Satan-like hatred on lawyers aye…. :O

  • boooot2323 2 months ago

    Perfect map to use on Slender lol

  • LOKBLUDOM3N 2 months ago

    This game's gravy compared to Mistmare.

  • The Imperial Combine 2 months ago

    Wow the First ever Video game to play a guy who looks like James aka AVGN

  • Insane3OB 2 months ago

    This game is like a cheap flash game pushed out because someone got bored.

  • TheBoomerPride 2 months ago

    well i wouldent go THAT far

  • WillieManga 2 months ago

    Variety is one of my greatest passion, which is why I never play this. Imagine in Fallout 3 if all the enemies were in power armor and used nothing but laser rifles, or imagine if they were all basic feral ghouls, not only would it be boring, it'd be unfair!

  • this was made with the 3d game maker by dark basic. i used to use it lmao