Quick Game Review of the Witcher Adventure Game Enjoy the video? Every donation helps make this a real job: Buy the game on …

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  • ipasuhd 2 months ago

    Sounds like Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games!

  • Slava Gerchicov 2 months ago

    unfortunately it is unbalanced

  • Dave Cena 2 months ago

    I didnt understand how to play it (by this video) it seems like its very complicated

  • Jimmy a Geek 2 months ago

    This is the Worst Board Game

  • Angel S 2 months ago

    As a huge witcher fan, do you think it's lore friendly?

  • niqhtt 2 months ago

    Was a co-optional lounge on this, but it kept crashing and there is (was?) no way to resume.